Have you ever seen Wu Dajing in the TV series?

2022-04-24 0 By

Olympic champion Wu Dajing since played a TV series!Recently in the Winter Olympics popularity surge of Wu Dajing, since the netizens stripped out of the TV drama, let countless netizens unexpected!Wu Dajing and Zhang Xincheng starred together in an idol TV series, Wu Dajing in “Rock Sugar Stew In Sydney” guest starred in the heroine’s big brother, but also together to meet the Olympic Games in Beijing to receive awards!And this drama also because of Wu Dajing’s popularity again burst fire, we not only have a lot of shots in the drama, but also the lines.In fact, the winter Olympic Games more than the fire of the athletes Wu Dajing starred in the TV series, as well as Su Yiming, Yuanyu Yuanyu have played a movie!Crossover film and television sports is countless!Comparison net friends have fun at the drama of Wu Dajing way: the big jing has gone to the East Austria, how you two still put Wu Dajing pigeon!Do you think there are more cross-boundary sports players or actors in cross-boundary sports?