Is infrastructure sustainable?Securities liquor, medicine and other plate opportunities how to grasp?

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Hello everyone, MY name is Liang Ge. This week, east counting, the infrastructure sector led the rise, but for the leading sector this week, can not continue next week, meanwhile, which sectors can continue to relay, where is the opportunity next week?These are the problems we are concerned about, and will directly affect whether we can make profits next week. For the problems related to the plate, this chapter will interpret them one by one for everyone. You can also pay attention to Liangge and only share valuable investment dry goods, so that investment will not get lost!1. Calculate the east and west:Just as its name implies is the east to the west to solve data processing calculation, is essentially belongs to the subcategories investment construction, in addition to overlay the data processing, digital process driven by a ring, on Wednesday, Thursday’s message to plate and shares harden more, for the plate, is one of the major planning in the future, today is a new up work,The first half of next week is expected to continue hot, but it needs to be noted that the second half of the probability will face differentiation, belonging to the short-term fish tail market, the risk will increase, which is what we need to pay attention to.2. Infrastructure sector:Planning, infrastructure sector in the years ago, to later be born, zhejiang infrastructure is relatively hot, along with the continuous rise, risks are accumulating, and after-hours bellwether attention letter received exchange news influence, so half weeks there will be a differentiation time next week, has the high risk, so is the main fall bags for Ann on next week, at the same time,Waiting for a new round of differentiation to turn the opportunity.3, securities plate: securities in the middle of the week fell 2.55%, in most of the plate up, the securities plate is falling, in some investors’ eyes, less worthy, but the opportunity is not to fall out of it?In weekend news, support high-quality securities companies in overseas business, for the securities company, one more source of income, at the same time technical direction, below 1300 points with strong support, double bottom structure is obvious, so in the next week whether lift 3500 or the support point of view, the current position opportunities outweigh the risks.4. Liquor sector:Liquor plate rose 6.15% in the week, is relatively to the force, the current liquor plate mainly can benefit from the expansion + inflationary expectations, under the double stack performance has strong stability, and therefore does not exclude the accumulating liquor institutions will gradually come back, after all, good company with good price, attraction is possible, in the short term,Facing the pressure of 5000 or so early highs, moderate fall is to better get on the car.5. Pharmaceutical Sector:Pharmaceutical sector rose 6.17% this week, which surged 3.79% on Tuesday, for drug sector, most investors were heavy, but also cannot deny the long-term value of medicine, had previously said need to wait for a few for medicine, the determination of performance and the decision of valuations back in place, often months of decline, the current valuation return to have in place of the case,In the process of everyone continued to scold Aunt Ge, hope is bred in despair, short-term technical signs of stabilization, the follow-up step can not break the previous low, can gradually operate in batches.Conclusion:Subject, with shares have substaintial distinction, and in this process, operation logic way of thinking is different also, next week’s big probability face style switch, the discretion of the appropriate switch, underweight, let the prophase yields fall bags for Ann, waiting for a new round of opportunity may be relatively good, at present, peripheral and the federal reserve to raise interest rates to Ukraine under disturbance, difficult to have a big market, often repeated shocks,Therefore, we also need to grasp the rhythm of plate switching.Persistence is a kind of belief, focus is an attitude, pay attention to Liangge, investment do not get lost!