18 years old Chinese naturalized to win gold!People’s Daily published 10 dynamic, CCTV crazy: historic Moment

2022-04-26 0 By

Gu Ailing, 18, a naturalized skier from China, competes in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 8.After becoming a Naturalized Chinese citizen, Gu Played for the Chinese team. Her mother, Gu Yan, is from Beijing.Gu, who now spends a lot of time in China, has fulfilled her dream by representing the Chinese team at the Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing, the favorite to win gold, came from behind to win gold in the women’s freestyle ski platform.According to statistics, from the moment Gu Ailing appeared on the stage, People’s Daily released 10 dynamic events in one breath. Finally, Gu Ailing won the gold medal with a total score of 188.25 points, and People’s Daily and CCTV praised it, this is a historic moment.There is no doubt that Gu Has received the top treatment. She is the most eye-catching athlete in the Winter Olympics, with both appearance and strength.In the women’s freestyle platform final, Princess Ailing got 93.75 and 88.50 points respectively in her two jumps. Currently, she is the third, and got 94.5 points in her third jump.After the game, Gu Ailing is very warm heart, the opponent missed the gold medal, and Gu Ailing came forward to comfort, although it is the opponent, but sympathetic, Gu Ailing is really too audience people like, only 18 years old she will become the top flow of sports, heat can be compared with Yang Qian and Quan Hong Chan last year.People’s Daily has published 10 updates in a row. I am so excited that I will not post them one by one.”GuAiLing won a third gold for China, but is too strong, congratulate GuAiLing”, “congratulations GuAiLing, pier pier on the first gold, and continue to go”, “GuAiLing was strong and warm, the end of the game, GuAiLing comfort French players play errors Tess – le DE, I wish countries friendship”, “, that’s quite beyond me within two days after China 00 won one gold and two silver “.CCTV also continued to pay attention to Gu’s gold medal. “Gu Won the gold medal in women’s freestyle ski platform final with a total of 188.25 points. This is gu’s first gold medal at the Winter Olympics, a historic moment,” wrote ccTV.com sports.Then came the congratulations of Chinese Internet users.”Really strong, all three movements are perfect”, “life winner, powerful explosion”, “Chinese goddess, love Gu Ailing”, “really strong, all three jumps are perfect landing”.After winning the gold medal, Gu Said, “Today is my happiest day, the happiest second, I have never challenged a girl to complete the movement.”Gu will compete in other skiing events in the coming days, hoping to continue her gold medal run.Today, is gu Ailing’s day, celebrate it crazily, let us continue to cheer for her.