Chen Qing forget to admire modern, spoil you back to the young 208, audit trial, Blue Zhan was gas dizzy

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Chen Qing forget to admire modern, love you back to young 208, audit trial, Blue Zhan was gas dizzy Chi Xuanyu hands on the table, every word said: “he is alive and well.””…Ha, ha, ha!”Should silk string leng leng, then the body uncontrollable trembling up.He looked down, and the voice could not tell whether he was laughing or crying.When he looked up again, the expression on his face was twisted and ghastly, and the fear of the name that had been buried deep in his subconscious suddenly burst forth at that moment. He leaned forward, his eyes parted, and growled like a mad dog.”Do you know how I called him nie?Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.””My ear, officer, there’s blood, there’s blood. Do you see it?”Ying Po-xian raised his hand to his right ear, and his handcuffs rattled.There was a ghastly smile on his lips, and he was evidently quite mad.”He did it, he did it!I chained him up like a lost dog, and he played me, and I should never have trusted him!He almost bit my ear off when he was so angry about dying.I’m painful!I hate!I swung the pipe and hit it hard, and his blood spit out like a fountain!Ha ha ha…”Chi Xuan Yu hung in the side of the hand quietly clenched.”Do you see that barbecue stove?You wouldn’t think that sticks, coals and liquor could be recycled, would you?Ha ha ha ha, I finally let him yield, he begged me for mercy!You know what he said to me?He said, ‘Kill me if you can, I will kill you if YOU are a ghost’, he was begging me to kill him, ha ha, he finally couldn’t take it anymore, wasn’t he so good, he begged me to kill him, ha ha…””How do you think I could have given him such a quick death?I bang bang bang pipe down, ha, after a while people will not move!”Should silk string frantically geshew, suddenly very evil as the matter of the eyes staring at Chi Xuan Yu, “you say you see is not his ghost to seek my revenge?””Bow!You fucking monster!!”Chi Xuanyu angry hold red face, he could not help but, rushed past should silk string face is a punch, in the second punch is about to fall when shaw team timely pulled: “Xuan Yu, what do you do?Calm down!Internship has not passed, do not want to be a positive is all in the interrogation room has been Blue Zhan completely screened off, the eyes only left a piece of dark.It was as if the wounds had been transferred to him, and the pain was tearing him apart.His eyes were red and he tried to resist the impulse to go in and finish the man off. He was so angry and miserable that he tried to cry out, but he could not. He felt suffocated and suffocated in his chest.He was trembling with cold, and he didn’t even know how he was moving out of the interrogation room, except that everything seemed to be spinning around him, and all the voices were moving away from him.At last, he fell to the ground, unconscious.When he opened his eyes in a daze, a familiar but gentle voice awakened him completely, and he found himself lying in the hospital. It was dusk outside the window.”Zhan, you are awake at last.””Brother!””How do you feel?What’s wrong with you?””No, I’m fine.”Lanhuan wanted to blame something, but still could not open her mouth, only a deep sigh.Hungry and tired and angry Blue Zhan finally fell, I support him to go in a knife knife stabbed to death.Thank you for supporting monkey’s daydream.