Give a thumbs-up to the Winter Olympic athletes, wear tiger skin hats, hand out red envelopes…Primary and secondary school registration ceremony full of feelings

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Wenzhou junior high schools, primary schools and kindergartens usher in the new semester on The first day of registration, full of ceremonies.In the small square at the gate of wenzhou Experimental Primary School, children are giving a thumbs-up to their favorite keywords for the Winter Olympics.Each student entering the school will be given a “thumbs up” sticker to put on the board of a winter Olympic athlete they like and want to learn from.Eight boards at the school recorded the stories of eight Chinese athletes during the Winter Olympics.Wu Dajing, 28, was called “the most beautiful medal” by netizens for her 50-year-old feet.After Li Wenlong fell down in the competition, Ren Ziwei rose to catch up, reflecting the “never give up”;Gu Ailing completed a 1620-degree turn in the air, which was a “brave challenge”.Su Yiming won China’s first men’s snowboard medal at the Winter Olympics.Su’s story moved Zheng Ziheng, a senior at the school, who gave su a thumbs-up.”He was only 17 years old, got a gold and a silver, and for a long time is his own practice, training intensity is more than two times the others, I think he is very good, the new semester I want to take him as an example, study hard.”The brigade counselor li Ming rhenium said: “the idea came from the People’s Daily to refine keyword athletes, we also hope that the children in the thumb up for them at the same time, learn their fighting spirit, like the opening theme of this time – we did, we don’t live up to its own, has more excellent performance in new period.”The school gate of Wenzhou Huanglong No. 3 Primary School is surrounded by a joyous red color.The fourth grade students came to the school wearing red hats made by themselves.As the backbone of the school, they are responsible for welcoming students back to school.The school’s principal, Ye Kebiao, stood at the school gate wearing a red scarf and handed out red envelopes to each child as they entered.The red envelope is not a New Year’s money, but some “privilege coupons” prepared by the principal and teachers, such as a date with the principal and experience of the school’s labor class.”The principal!I got a free homework ticket!”A child shouted excitedly.The campus was full of surprises as everyone couldn’t wait to open the red envelope and see what “privilege” they had drawn.”I wanted to give students a sense of ceremony even though it was the second semester,” said Ye kebiao.Handing out red envelopes immediately brings students closer to their schools and arouses their expectations for the new semester, “said Zhang.Students were also given cards to write down their new goals for the new term.”The cards are then moulded, hung on the osmanthus tree at the school and taken down at the end of the term to see if the children have achieved their goals.”Yektable says they do these activities so that every child can feel warm in school, develop a sense of purpose, and let every child blossom.Source: Handheld Wenzhou client First Review Editor: Wang Yanyan Responsible Editor: Gu Zhangtong Review: Qian Zhongbiao Director supervisor: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi recommended reading ↓↓↓