Nanny asks for a raise, employer says: Consider it a raise if you bring home your leftovers

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Story originates from life, the characters are all aliases Zhang Jie do nanny has eight years in shenzhen, although there wasn’t enough money in doing this business, but for her age, to find a job already is very not easy so she cherish this job in two children have grown up now, my daughter already graduated from university, his son was in high school,Now is much easier than in the past but still not snub Zhang Jie, every day thinking about how to earn more money very frugal life, can province province, plus a sick elderly mother-in-law need years of defect, she and her husband both had never been generous to himself, is working every day, is on the way to work this year Zhang Jie do nanny in a Hong Kong person at home,Owners home decoration is very luxurious, male host is said to be in shenzhen to do trade, goodwife is ten years younger than male host mistress every day is to eat and drink, dress up procedures, and don’t have to worry about money never consider doing in their home for two months of nannies sit well at first, the hostess except a little bad temper, and other aspects also good hostess often call her friends to the party in the home,Party to party late, and often make to eleven or twelve at night, to give their washing the dishes clean cleaning Zhang Jie gradually Zhang Jie have opinions, she said I the time has come to work, if still let me to work overtime, you have to pay overtime give me see the hostess Zhang Jie have opinions, choking immediately, she said, I just open so a few times a month party, when you do me a favor,Line not line?Zhang Jie also not actually don’t want to help, but her husband from work at 7 o ‘clock every night, oneself must go back to cook for husband and husband go to work so hard every day, come back from work can’t eat a hot meal, and really poor Zhang Jie think, occasionally give employers free overtime a a nothing important also, the problem is the hostess often as it is, but also give her free overtime cleaning,Once or twice or said in the past, a long time, who will have opinions, Sister Zhang said to the hostess theory, I help you do one or two no problem, you often like this can not, if you need me to work overtime cleaning, you give me a little salary every month, the barmaid sister Zhang asked for a salary increase, immediately angry she said:Sister Zhang, I see you pack our leftovers every day and eat them. Our food is the most expensive lobster and beef, which cost tens of yuan per catty. Sometimes we don’t eat much, but you pack them away.If you really want me to raise my salary, the leftover food you packed should also be included. If you don’t want me to raise your salary, you can pack any food we can’t finish every day, which will be regarded as a raise for you. Later, the hostess simply refused to let Sister Zhang buy any food.The food every day to buy the hostess rules the hostess said anyway, its also ok, then buy vegetables themselves, in fact, is afraid of Zhang Jie skimp on her to buy food money Zhang Jie is a wussy, each time in full wronged, sulking, home for the husband advised she did but Zhang Jie simply don’t want to still have 3500 dollars per month, if you don’t do that no income,So she insisted on doing it.Older people are really annoyed when they find jobs, especially those at the bottom. They have no education or background, but they have both their parents and children. They often encounter difficult bosses or leaders who make sure that you are too old to find a job and dare not resign easily.Does the hostess in the story treat Sister Zhang as a beggar?Leftover food is when a garbage dump, Zhang Jie packaging back to eat, she is as money dispute, no wonder people say that the more rich, the mean, it seems that isn’t true mistress occupy a cause Zhang Jie time from work, but also for free to work overtime, they bring back home the leftovers Zhang Jie, the hostess incredibly still write these dishes count as overtime this story I’m quite sad,People at the bottom of the social ladder are treated unfairly, they don’t know what to do to get treated fairly and often they just put up with it in order not to lose their job it’s a tough world for adults, the older you get, the more you know that, right