Often drink millet gruel, be to rise blood sugar or fall blood sugar after all?Better to know than to rest assured

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Although people’s diet has a variety of several years ago, but to meet the needs of people for life a series of food safety will unfold, called you this sentence is not false, basically is one of the things we have to do every day, be sure to keep a good eating habit, so that can give us the body energy,For our physical health to bring better help.We all know that the three highs are high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood lipids. Let’s talk about high blood sugar today. The rise of blood sugar in the human body will cause diabetes if it is not controlled and adjusted.With diabetes, have a lot of restriction on diet that someone said millet gruel, like to drink sugar water to drink is easy to cause the blood glucose in the body, after someone says millet is also can help patients with diabetes to control blood glucose can qingrejiedu, can eat more and who said is right?Uncle Liu from Jinan, Shandong province is just 50 years old this year. After retirement, his life is also very colorful. He has two sons and daughters and has married and started his own business.However, one morning when Uncle Liu went out, he suddenly felt dizzy and felt weak and sat down on the ground. This phenomenon made him very afraid sometimes. For the sake of physical safety, Mr. Liu went to the hospital yesterday, but to his surprise, his blood sugar reached 7.5.Returned home after Liu Dashu just quit wine, don’t eat greasy food is reminiscent of the millet is such a person, he drank some millet congee at night from think this diet is very healthy, but after a period of time, he found himself in the urine of a situation, then Yu Dashu once again to go to the hospital inspection, generally after the examination, liu gloves,The doctor asked Uncle Liu about his usual habits. It turned out that uncle Liu’s elevated blood sugar had a lot to do with his long-term relationship with millet porridge.First, drinking millet porridge in the end is to raise blood sugar or reduce blood sugar in the body?Doctors like Liu Dashu explains, if from the point of view on the classification of food, millet belongs to a kind of coarse grains, grains of corn, in accordance with the same is true of, only contain prandial fiber, can make the intestinal stay a long time will ease digestion rates of food starch, also can make glucose is absorbed by the body slowly, is to be able to help control blood sugar levels.The reason why some people think millet porridge is easy to increase the blood sugar in the body is because the millet porridge cooked at high temperature produces a lot of sugar. For ordinary people, drinking some millet porridge appropriately can still play a certain role, but also can effectively improve the body’s immunity.But for people with high blood sugar, it is not recommended to drink millet porridge every day, or to drink too much at a time, which is very bad for the control of blood sugar in the body. It is not to say that you can’t eat it at all. Try to shorten the time of boiling, nor can you bubble too long, and you can’t eat too much each time.2. For patients with hyperglycemia, doing these three things in daily life may be helpful to stabilize blood glucose in the body.Keep good healthy eating habits if you want to control blood sugar, mediation must be in the source according to their blood sugar levels to choose to suit their eating habits, replenish rich dietary fiber and other nutrients can under the promise of a normal person, help the body to remove blood lipid and glucose.Exercise 2. More frequent high blood sugar in the elderly, pregnant in the blood quality of old people began to decline, blood circulation also began to gradually become slow, plus the usual don’t pay attention to how athletic activity also gradually decline, for the elderly in daily exercise must be necessary, can improve cardiopulmonary function, also can enhance the immunity of the body,Better control of blood sugar in the body.3. Drug control If the blood sugar level in the body is relatively high, and the diet and exercise can not control the situation, be sure to go to the hospital under the guidance of the doctor to take hypoglycemic drugs to help control the blood sugar in the body.Conclusion: In peacetime, we must pay more attention to our own body, so as to avoid suffering from hyperglycemia, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, which are chronic diseases. Suffering from these three high blood pressure is a lifelong thing, which should be attached to drugs to control the blood sugar in the body. We should drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables and pay more attention to our own health.