Taxi driver gets rich overnight, buys 5 million rolls Royce, color scheme makes people laugh

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I don’t know when, everyone seems to have a dream of getting rich overnight, fantasizing about becoming a hobo or winning the first prize lottery overnight.In real life, there are many people who realize the dream of becoming rich overnight, from ordinary people to rich people overnight.Taxi driver Zhang used to be an ordinary salaryman. He drove a taxi early in the morning and came home late at night, earning less than 8,000 yuan a month.Master Zhang also has a dream of overnight wealth, he fantasizes about the house demolition of his hometown every day, he can become a multimillionaire.Did not think zhang master unexpectedly dream come true, his old house all removed, Mr. Zhang got tens of millions of compensation.Mr. Zhang has been driving a taxi for more than ten years. His dream is to get rich overnight and buy a luxury car. Now Mr. Zhang gets so much money that he goes to the local most expensive luxury car store and wants to buy a Rolls-Royce.Zhang ordered a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and the salesman told him it would be three months before it was available.Three months later, Zhang mentioned his beloved Rolls-Royce, which he loved so much that he planned to modify it.Zhang’s first thought is to change the color of the slice, he sent the car to the beauty center for film, the upper part of the vehicle to keep white original primer, the lower part of the yellow car clothes.The Rolls-Royce has been transformed into a yellow and white colour and looks particularly recognisable.Zhang posted his work to the Internet, where it became more and more familiar.Everyone suddenly realized that the Rolls-Royce and taxi color is too similar, Zhang master is driving a taxi before, he is very familiar with the taxi, so will change the Rolls-Royce into the same color and taxi.Netizens laughed at the reason, with many saying that although Zhang became rich overnight, his heart was still poor.Master Zhang has now become a multimillionaire, since he bought Rolls-Royce to live a rich life, the 5 million Rolls-Royce refit into yellow and white color looks particularly cheap.Zhang’s Rolls-Royce, though saturated and eye-catching, has a decidedly unclassy colour scheme and a cheap texture.Zhang said he changed his car to this color scheme, partly to miss the days when he used to drive a taxi, and partly to attract the attention of nearby cars and prevent others from rear-ending them.It is the owner’s right to modify the car. As long as the owner refits the car under the circumstances permitted by laws and regulations, the traffic police will not be fined when they see it.Zhang’s modified car looks like a taxi, but a closer look gives another sense of beauty.I hope that other car owners will go to the DMV for reporting before refitting, and must go to the DMV to modify the information of the car within 10 days after the completion of the refitting.Owners can change the car color, but the color must meet the requirements, can not be changed to the fire truck ambulance similar to the special car painting.Zhang used to be a taxi driver. He had a deep affection for taxis, so he decided to change the Rolls-Royce into the same color scheme as taxis.Now a lot of young people personality publicity, modification of the car are more exaggerated, master Zhang modified Rolls-Royce although it looks not low-key luxury, but still special fashion, what do you think?The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete