Year of the Tiger the first pure electric heavy truck hot production

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During the Spring Festival, Chery new energy mine card modification workshop production as usual.Below, we follow the New Year to go to the grass-roots reporters, ordos equipment manufacturing base to see, where the workers are busy what?Reporters in chery new energy mine card modification workshop to see, in order to complete the new order of new energy tractors this year as scheduled, during the Spring Festival, the workers still stick to the front line, working overtime to catch up.Shi Zhiqiang chery new energy mine card refit workshop manager: In order to ensure the delivery of our orders on schedule, ah, quality and quantity to the customer, so, our Spring Festival holiday is postponed, during the Spring Festival, we will work hard, stick to it, ok?Workers: Good!Early in the morning, Chery new energy mine card modification workshop section chief Shi Zhiqiang, as usual, organize workers to open a morning meeting, mobilize everyone to work hard during the Spring Festival, do a good job in production safety.In the Spring Festival of the Tiger, the company received orders for 200 pure electric tractors. In order to deliver the orders on schedule, Shi Zhiqiang personally led the team members to work overtime to catch up with the progress.Shi Zhiqiang, manager of chery New Energy Mining card refit Workshop: Now we are assembling a part in the chassis production line, and then installing the spare tire at the current station.At present, there are less than 30 workers working on this board. Some of our workers come from Ningxia and Gansu, but for our order, they can’t go home for the Spring Festival. Shi Zhiqiang lives in Baotou, which is not far from Ordos.In 2021, he entered The Ordos Chery Automobile Company to work, because of good technology, careful and meticulous work, was promoted by the enterprise when energy mine card refit workshop section chief.Mainly responsible for quality control of heavy truck parts assembly process.Every process, every step, any detail is not allowed to go wrong, this is shi Zhiqiang’s requirements for work, but also for their own requirements.Shi Zhiqiang chery new energy mine card modification workshop foreman: Take this out to have a look, look at the eye, the screw hole is right and then screw down.December 18, 2021, Chery new energy heavy truck, new energy special vehicle refitting production line of the first batch of new products off the production line, since a month, has received many mining enterprises orders.Shi Zhiqiang feels the burden on his shoulder is heavier.Shi Zhiqiang chery new energy mine card refit workshop manager: we are working together ah, joint efforts to ensure quality and quantity as scheduled, the order to customers, so as to achieve customer recognition of us.During the Spring Festival overtime, Shi zhiqiang used a short break to call his family.Shi Zhiqiang: the son of stem what good not good.Shi Zhiqiang wife: ok, pretty good.Shi Zhiqiang: I won’t go back for the Spring Festival this year. I can’t go back after the order. Please take good care of your son.Shi Zhiqiang’s wife: I’ll take care of the baby.Just go to work and wait for you at the end of the year.Although reluctant to hang up the phone, but he knows that now is a critical period, the enterprise needs him to stick to his post.For Shi Zhiqiang, this Spring Festival has been the most meaningful and unforgettable.Source: NMTV News Watch every day