Zhuzhou city 18 recruitment talents gathered

2022-04-26 0 By

Candidates who participate in the interview shall register for registration.Rednet moment On February 19 news (correspondent Zhang Qiong) to further optimize the teacher team structure, improve the quality of the teacher team, through the early city education bureau unified organization online registration and preliminary examination, On February 18, Zhuzhou city 18 in the organization of qualified candidates for the interview.A total of 39 candidates participated in the interview, many from 211, 985 schools, including some master’s students.A panel of judges conducts interviews.Teachers are the key to help students realize their dream of university and boost the school’s dream of becoming a famous university. Therefore, no. 18 Middle School pays special attention to the recruitment of teachers.On February 17, the school office organized the judges and staff to hold a teacher recruitment meeting, and carefully arranged the work of each link.Two groups of judges are interviewed.The interview was divided into two groups, one for the Language group, the other for the study group, the whole arrangement of discipline inspection personnel for the supervision of the interview.After the interview, zhuzhou city 18 in charge said that the graduates are very good to participate in the interview, the comprehensive quality is very good.City 18 middle school recruitment for fresh graduates of 2 Chinese teachers and 1 math teacher, according to the ratio of 1:3, the final 9 candidates entered the qualification review.The school will also recruit a Chinese teacher and a history teacher from the public, and we are looking forward to the enrollment of outstanding graduates and former graduates.