History of the ugliest week zhi if, she exactly what head

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I do not know whether we have seen the recent hk handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon, remember the film in addition to come round, which played a high meaning for week zhi if strong controversial when hanging out on the pictures have been controversial, go up for a movie, the audience watching is a eyebrows, what exactly is this fairy appearance level can play a week zhi if?Look from the propaganda people seem to accept its level in appearance, but in fact she was in the movie, is the so-called late p figure, who are not in addition to the film when viewing various come round plot no interest, for the level of each big star’s appearance is just choked to each big net friend especially care about week zhi if actor, after all, plowing with Kathy chow, gao,The latter is still under great pressure to make a breakthrough, but in casting, is the director blind?Meaning while the high concentrated on social platform of the modification of the web celebrity feels dye-in-the-wood, but fortunately, also can see the appearance to say level hard, just acting skill will make up for it is also good, but the high concentration, the acting is embarrassing, also known as history’s most ugly week zhi if some netizens also ask: why did Mr. Wong in each play has the high concentration,Everybody is very curious about the high thick meaning exactly what position the high thick formerly known as Qiu Lufan, novice plane models, has won the miss world zhejiang conference performance award but netizens (1) the high thick, take pictures of her with an old actor comparing entrants since taken 11 series, 18 films, although live acting more than, but there is no any impressive place,Actually there are people who think that qiu Yi thick qiu Shuzhen shadow?What do you think?The comments section tells us