Linxia city public security traffic police set full “five blessings” with you safe New Year

2022-04-27 0 By

Linxia City Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade all people auxiliary police with adhere to the interpretation of responsibility and responsibility to protect the peace of the police version “five blessings” has been synthesizedfor the people has been on the road steadily forward thousands of words in the “five blessings” in the dedication is a blessingNormally idle free day assuming responsibility in shoulder taste thousand wish contributing salty flavor with I hold them in your road chang low harmony is a blessing when they are in the city guard you on duty, patrol, YeZha, bao chang at the moment the festival atmosphere tangy Lights is amiable, is a blessing when describing the warm peace again a spring morning in the evening we walk home the joy of peace is a blessing “warm is f low at the momentJourney home is a warm and happy way in on the road is the way with each other with red and blue flashing lights is the promise of change in the same time friendly is blessing is treat people’s attitude is open-minded and good state of mind is not on the road to rob more comity is a little effort of kindness this moment kept long with lights is to celebrates New Year’s eve this next year you every yearPeace is our New Year gathered thousands of words full of five blessings for you