Played by Xiaguang Chunni

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In the TV series Xiaguang, Chunni is played by Wang Yani.Wang Yani is a beautiful actress who graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.Her acting skills are so good that she impressed the audience by playing the role of Chunni in the TV series Sunset Glow.The spring ni in the play is the daughter of ten thousand old, after the death of her mother, it is ten thousand old hard to bring her up, so spring Ni teacher very respect ten thousand old.When spring ni know old ten thousand after tall chardonnay, she is very painful, because at this time, she is and tall chardonnay brother gao Ping fall in love, this is not to disorderly generation?Fortunately, later tall chardonnay and old ten thousand together, she also wish and gao Ping together.Chunni is a very ordinary girl, she has the most ordinary desire, that is, and their love of people together, living an ordinary life.But she knows who’s in charge and won’t do anything bad for the country.”Xiaguang” is a by Tong Liya and Chen Hao lead the leading role of the revolutionary spy drama, the play is mainly tall xia, Fu Jiazhuang as a representative, for us to show the revolutionary ancestors for the founding of new China to make a variety of contributions to the story.The TV series has already aired on July 30, 2020. If you like it, check it out.