Stick to the still warm Spring | emergency disposal “no closing”, safety guard “no holiday”!

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Keep the lights of thousands of families, protect peace and reunion this Spring Festival, chengdu city managers stick to their posts to interpret the original aspiration to safeguard peace and harmony with selfless dedication to create a safe, clean, orderly and convenient urban environment, Spring Festival, we are!2022 Stick to the warm Spring Festival 365 days Stick to your post 24 hours at any time What is the Spring Festival?It is the wanderer who has not returned home for a long time, looking forward to the dinner of the mother’s New Year’s Eve, it is the night of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, and the fireworks are gorgeous in the sky.What is the Spring Festival of manhole cover emergency disposal personnel?It’s “open” 365 days. It’s being on call 24 hours a day. It’s saying “I’m sorry!”Is to say to citizens,” Don’t worry, we are here!.This year’s Spring Festival, the city’s central city of 8 manhole cover emergency disposal institutions to arrange a total of 80 manhole cover emergency disposal personnel, they 24 hours “online”, always ready to deal with sudden problems manhole cover.Manhole cover emergency disposal personnel always prepare for the disposal of manhole cover emergency problems in Nanyang, Henan Province, Wang Zhigang is one of them, “people can have a holiday, but ‘safety’ can not have a holiday!This year, I chose to stay in Chengdu and stick to my post.”In recent years, Wang zhigang has paid New Year’s greetings to his parents through video calls. The understanding and support of his family are the strong backing for him to work at ease.”The nature of manhole cover emergency treatment is such, 365 days’ no closure ‘, to ensure the safety of citizens to travel, to ensure the normal operation of the city.”Wang Zhigang’s old partner Tan Wei also chose to stick to the post, protecting thousands of peace is their familiar “taste of the New Year”.Tan Wei told Chengcheng that his hometown is ya ‘an, only 100 kilometers away from Chengdu, but as a manhole cover emergency disposal personnel, he chose to put “responsibility” first, “hearts together, is reunion, I will accompany everyone to Celebrate the New Year in Chengdu!”City ChengGuanWei bridge (cap) regulatory center of the personnel on duty 24 hours “online” 24 hours “online” the Spring Festival, and the city ChengGuanWei bridge (covers) the supervision center attendants, “we received complaints after accepting manhole cover problem, problem of the ownership clear covers will send cap ownership units for the first time in a timely manner disposal.”Timely discovery, effective disposal, to achieve closed-loop management of manhole cover problems.Niusha North Road found a manhole cover missing, please go to the disposal immediately.Roger that! We’re on our way!The fifth day of the year 12 o ‘clock at noon, are having lunch Tan Wei, Chen Liguo, Wang Zhigang received emergency notice, a few people immediately put down chopsticks, quick inventory of emergency supplies, rushed to the north Niu Sha road emergency rescue point.”Missing a manhole cover is very dangerous and we need to complete the emergency response as quickly as possible.”Within 10 minutes, emergency personnel arrived at the scene. Chen ligo and Wang Zhigang quickly set up warning signs and cones, while Tan Wei used a tape measure to measure the size of the wellhead.After Tan Wei uses a tape measure to measure the size of the wellhead, Chen liguo and Wang Zhigang work together to remove the emergency manhole cover. They use iron hooks to drag the emergency manhole cover into the inspection well, and then turn the cover around to make sure it is fixed.At this time, the two forehead is full of sweat, “emergency car equipped with various types of emergency manhole cover, and an emergency manhole cover is about 100 kilograms, need two people to complete the installation.”Installation of emergency manhole cover from the receipt of notice to complete disposal, only 20 minutes, “emergency treatment, urgent!According to the regulations, we need to complete the emergency response in three hours, but after years of running on the road, we are used to putting pressure on ourselves to eliminate safety risks, faster, faster.”Manhole cover emergency disposal personnel, sanitation workers, urban management law enforcement team, digital urban management supervisors……Ordinary working post, extraordinary you!Salute, the Spring Festival every “stick”!