Bulls’ roster weakness too obvious?NBA special: Pelicans VS Bulls

2022-04-28 0 By

Pelican although lost to the hornets in the game, but they play really well, you know before this once the hornets have won four straight, and victory over the performance of the lone ranger, and offensive is very hot, but the game the pelican was not by the nose by hornets, they controlled the game instead of the initiative and full didn’t let up the speed by the hornets,He gave up 106 points, and only three in a close loss to the Hornets.The bull in the face of strong teams are still there is no strike back, playing at the bucks, again they thrashed 28 points, the bulls this season the team is actually more extreme, their weakness is too obvious, no defensive elite, defense system is not good, and the team’s breakthrough ability, so when faced with a slow tempo, good defensive teams, they will be very passive.The bulls now, though in the eastern fifth, far higher than that of the pelican, but I think in the game, they actually not much advantage, pelican attack ability is very strong, and team balanced, in the bull’s defensive ability obviously cannot substitute to limit, and to the outside of the bull’s confidence has also dropped, so I think the direction of the home team can focus on.View: Pelicans