Chunyan insists on marrying Cao Debao for 3 reasons, which is a satire on Zhou Bingkun

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I am the original author of yaoshi entertainment said.Today, chunyan and Zhou Bingkun two people, grew up together, both parents also want two people together, but Chunyan sentient beings can zhou Bingkun have no intention.The latest episode, in which Chunyan cries to marry Cao Debao, is the biggest satire on Chow.Reason 1: Chunyan in the play does not know that Zhou Bingkun likes Zheng Juan, but simply feel that Zhou Bingkun does not like him. In fact, Chunyan did not think wrong, Zhou Bingkun does not like her, since the two online, I did not see a little like.In the original novel, Chunyan is not as good as the shape of the drama, the appearance level is so high, so According to the original requirements of Zhou Bingkun is always not like Chunyan.Zhou Bingkun this person a see, it is not the kind of person who is like, don’t like ChunYan also find ChunYan, let ChunYan give him find a job, one of the most interesting is not just a ChunYan and also to look for the xiao-guang CAI, and ChunYan is also trying to, only for the sake of Zhou Bingkun, although only ChunYan baths, a woman ChunYan is hot property, but, after all, is not a person in charge, or have to ask for.Reason 2: in Chunyan’s heart, you, Zhou Bingkun, don’t want me, some people want me. Although The work of Chunyan in the play is not so perfect, I feel that this woman is quite good, not so bad.When arranging work to arrange Chunyan to the bath pinch feet, and Chunyan although all unwilling but also chose to obey the work, can see that she is also a self-reliance and self-improvement woman, and Chunyan in the play is also good, I personally feel she is not greedy for vanity.Reason 3, Chunyan see understand, why with a do not like their own people together, although the play chunyan is very like Zhou Bingkun, but love, water has no intention, after all, he is married, why must marry a do not like their own people, so the future life is I indulge him.Cao Debao moved at the first sight of Chunyan, it is love at first sight, since the person I love does not love me, then I will marry someone who loves me.Do not say anything else, Chunyan regardless of the mother’s views, resolutely decided to marry Cao Debao, I can only say that she wanted to understand, Zhou Bingkun what good, since saw Zheng Juan eyes moved immovable way.Let’s look at Chunyan from the side, she is in the bath to give people pedicures, but when I think about it, there is nothing really, it is all work, I rely on my own ability to eat, not doing something illegal, I think Chunyan is quite good.Even if the work of Chunyan is not good, but Chunyan in the bath still looks like a card, such as when Zhou Bingkun’s mother came without a bath ticket, the big man at the door of course is not dry, but as soon as Chunyan came out, a listen to is The ganniang of Chunyan, this attitude changed directly, and to take a bath did not want money.Then think about it, if anyone gets married with Chunyan, or even the whole family, it’s free to take a bath, how good it is.ChunYan to Zhou Bingkun is certainly has some good will, or not to, to ask for Zhou Bingkun for Zhou Bingkun mother is a person to be very considerate, mother saw Zhou Bingkun eyes ache, hurry to health teams take eye drops, she wanted to talk to Zhou Bingkun relationship further, so she always put her Zhou Bingkun.But Zhou Bingkun ignored, then hot heart will gradually cool it.It can be said that Chunyan is not so like Zhou Bingkun, perhaps the parents at home, the neighborhood envy, in everyone’s eyes two people are a match made in heaven, Chunyan choose to cater to the family, finally Chunyan see, Zhou Bingkun is not a good match, so she chose Cao Debao.In my opinion, choose who also don’t choose Zhou Bingkun, in zhou Bingkun’s eyes, Spring Yan is really worthless.You don’t look down on Zhou Bingkun, although he is an ordinary person, but he is not so satisfied with Chunyan, from the level of appearance to work, Zhou Bingkun looked very open, hope their love is pure, so he does not settle for love.Unfortunately, Chunyan is not as unbearable as he thought, Chunyan also have their own pride, finally Chunyan and Cao Debao together, and it is not the biggest irony of Zhou Bingkun?This article is yao style entertainment theory of personal opinion, thank you for reading.