Video: Slow down and return to “slow life” in a WOODEN DIY

2022-04-28 0 By

Do you remember how to make and create with your hands, when the rush of the city takes over every minute of your life, when the roar of machinery takes the place of primitive hand-making?In this fast-paced era, “slow life” has become the lifestyle pursued by many people. More and more slow experience formats have emerged in commercial space, diy workshop is one of them.From pistols, photo frames and chopsticks to combs, vases, wooden swords, ukulele…Various kinds of wooden handwork courses have attracted a large number of young consumers and become necessary parent-child programs for many families.According to the shop assistant, wooden hand diy usually takes 1-2 hours, and the experience price ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan. Ready-made products can also be purchased directly.The passenger flow is mainly concentrated in the weekend period, mainly diy experience.If consumers choose a difficult work, it will take more time and they can experience it several times until it is finished.In order to make a small whale decoration as an example, the reporter put on work clothes, after the selection of good wood, began to sketch on the wood, after processing, cutting, polishing, polishing, waxing and other links, a wood product is completed.It should be reminded that the cutting steps are more professional and need to be completed under the guidance of staff.In addition, you can also carve words on wood to leave unique marks.Reporters to visit the shop coincides with a couple is experiencing, they told reporters, specially together to order a couple ring.”The process went smoothly, with staff helping to adjust each step;It feels like time flies. It’s more important for two people to do something together than to finish the ring.”A young father is taking his child to make a wooden sword. He told the reporter that there are corresponding tools in the store, and you can make the sword according to the selected style and the color you like. The whole process takes more than an hour.”It was a gift for my son, and it was great to sit down and experience and enjoy the whole process.”He said.You can make anything you want here if you’re handy.Here, a piece of ordinary wood gradually has shape, color, become a bearing emotional sustenance of the handicraft.With the progress of technology, the human touch seems to be fading, so warm, heart-to-heart projects are becoming more and more popular.Diy is a return to warmth, so that people can calm down in the era of fast food, personally make a gift to friends, to family, but also can add children’s childhood fun.Shangguan by Jing ‘an, Shanghai