Western men have a long tradition of hunting and puffing foreign women

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The West has a long tradition of hunting and puting foreign women, even using women against their own country of origin, and, from personal observation, women are indeed more interested in playing the “I’m so disgusting, what can you do with me” game than men.The default rule of the entire western media — not just the news media but the entire Western society — is to exclude all Asian men, leaving only Asian women and Asian property to occupy.In safari society, women have long been regarded as a reproductive resource. For example, in ancient Europe, occupying a place was to plunder women in addition to materials (many Western oil paintings take this as the subject matter).As a resource, Asian women are easy to be accepted by Western society, and because they are women, they are easier to be domesticated by the West, which leads to conversion mania.Men are seen as more likely to compete for resources and are viewed with caution and discrimination.This explains why westerners are so fond of women from orphans to elites!Before there was no such discussion, dare not frankly say so, now the major leaders have expressed their opinions, do not care too much.Women are mostly male vassals, easy to control.And women tend to be more emotional.She thinks a thing is good, but she can’t do the analysis like the man of science and technology. Why is it good? How can we be so good without 12345?So I went straight to the dark.How can I put it…Globally, it is still common for women to attach themselves to men at all levels.This is a real problem, although it varies in different countries.The United States, or Europe, is far from an exception, and women in Europe and The United States may even be less independent than we are.You can’t expect countries with a residual feudal aristocracy mixed with capitalism to do much better at women’s liberation.The attached person is naturally more manipulative.They are more likely to be led to cause against their own country.At the same time, the social environment is also very important.Women have more “acceptance” and “tolerance” than society has planned for you, but only if you follow their plan.If you also bring in Europe and the essence of the economic downturn in recent years, deterioration of social environment, under the trend of competition intensifying, the “planned” path, whether on the reality around food, or mental “work model of ethnic group”, no retreat, psychology and reality can not accept his anti retaliation did wrong choice logic,Make this kind of career and behavior against one’s home country a “good choice” now.After all, these people are more ordinary people.And these people, the big fundamentals are personal egoism more dominant, so it is no more than the environment to promote the material “egoism” to live together, spiritual “egoism” to gao Hua.It is hard to say that women can be independent, and it is even harder in Europe and America, so this is the “way out” that the Big Society has long given.This statement is correct, but incomplete.Very simple truth, in Europe and America, it is difficult for Asian women to be independent in the West, is it easy for men to be independent?To be more precise, in Europe and America, where white men dominate, Asian women are more likely to be promoted.This is the real reason why Asian anti-China journalists are mostly women.This has also been noticed and put forward — why are the Chinese anti-China journalists trained by the American and Western media basically female?!I’ve answered this question so many times, and it’s been censored so many times that even the most basic sociological and psychological discussions have been blocked out, and it’s so irrelevant:1, the world is a patrilineal society rather than a matrilineal society, women are dependent on the patrilineal society to survive, is a kind of fertility, physiological resources, is the first resource for the patrilineal society, indispensable, at the same time because of its dependency, very easy to control and naturalization;While men are different, the male is the root of the patriarchal society, there is a domain of consciousness, is the source of family resources, introduce foreign paternal patriarchal collision is cause inside and outside, the hidden danger is great, once the imbalance between men and women, racial collision will be unusually grisly, after all, our most fundamental significance of human existence is survival, reproduction and transmission (including the inheritance of knowledge).2. There has always been a tradition of hunting foreign women in the West (refer to the eastern European women after the collapse of the Soviet Union) to portray their men as lofty, either gentlemanly or romantic, or sunshine or muscular. Even the act of wearing perfume to cover up the smell of body odor can be regarded as etiquette, and it is well-intented to constantly pour a sense of superiority into themselves.Typical examples are the Paris Socialite Society, where it seems that the best women in the world have to be certified by them, and some women from different countries are proud to attend.In PUA foreign women, Europe and the United States, there is no business, civil society, after all this to you is the tangible, real enjoy, so the neck and neck, together, unity, spare no effort to PUA (Chen is a microcosm) other women, why here say that Japanese, because Japanese women are Europe and the United States after the PUA,In order to replenish fertility resources, Japan is also following the example of PuA Chinese and Korean women in Europe and the United States.3, economic highland is the essence of the siphon family foreign resources, so the developed countries is not willing to see have late-development country beyond their, because beyond means the loss of reproductive resources, especially as China’s such a huge resource pool, not only high quality, also do not have what the bondage of religion, aesthetics and so on various aspects and obstacles, is a perfect resource plundering,With Eastern Europe, South America have a fight, and now see our country to rise and they compete for resources, that can only use one thing, with your cultivation of reproductive resources to disgust you, blow your male confidence, in order to drag down the operation of the patriarchal society.4, we didn’t fortify like, with the feelings of globalism, ignoring the pain of the society, the department with the catering to the smiling face actively, not the introduction of other countries outside the patriarchal except (scientists) is to send their reproductive resources, even help you get through language shut, to someone dared to say more of these phenomenon is narrow, populist, virgin halo glow.I have foretold gender-opposing female boxing cards before, now I foretold international cards of internal and external paternal collision, and it will be spontaneous, unless the opening and replenishment of foreign women in line with our aesthetic.Finally, I quote a western psychologist: There is no more primitive drive to attract people than sex.In addition, the nature of women also has something to do with it. Women generally do not care about politics and ideology, but once they pay attention to relevant content and form internal logical coherence, women will be more persistent than men, and even paranoid.A lot of women don’t care about what’s going on in the country or the world, they just care about buying, buying, eating, having fun, celebrity gossip and family gossip.These female journalists are less defensive because of their gender (appearance) advantage, making it easier for her to get the information she needs.Therefore, foreign masters love to use, easy to use.She knew, too, that the master to whom she was loyal was actually treating her as a dishcloth, and that she would have to work harder to secure her long-term favor.Even some wise women admit — and I, as a woman, fully agree that women are more likely to be fooled, too one-sided and stubborn.I was dumbfounded and outraged by the views of some of the women I met who defended the West.