“Evaluation line” in the review: “Chinese style romance” is proud, but also bear!

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in the National Stadium at 8:00 PM on February 4, 2022.Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and declared the Winter Olympics open.The opening ceremony was creative and impressive. It not only fully demonstrated the splendid ceremony of “Chinese-style romance”, but also witnessed the beautiful engagement of The Chinese civilization and the Olympic Movement once again.”Chinese-style romance” is magnificent, full of Chinese culture, highlighting cultural confidence.From the “romance of numbers” in the countdown of the 24 solar terms, to the “romance of images” in the water of the Yellow River and the “romance of fusion” in the “breaking of ice” and the five rings of ice and snow…Every picture, every detail, every design, every scene, like a poem and a picture, all contain the distinctive elements of Chinese culture.24 solar terms culture, ice blue ink, the red of the guest of honor, the hand-woven eternal “Olympic flower”…All show the profundity of the Chinese nation excellent culture, like a visual feast, arouse the resonance of the public and cultural memory, without too much comment, namely through time and space, let us witness the Chinese culture unique charm, shake the heart, strong cultural self-confidence, convincing, let a person is genuinely like the exclusive “Chinese romance”.”Chinese style romance” of the Winter Olympics, build a bridge of friendship, fully show the glory of the Winter Olympics.Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening ceremony not only gave the world a glimpse of the “Chinese-style romance” of the Winter Olympics, but also a vivid interpretation of China’s friendship.We want to convey to the world that the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a sporting event, but also a continuation of Olympic values and the Olympic spirit.The Chinese people will use ice and snow as the medium to build a bridge of friendship with countries and people who love ice and snow sports, and present a wonderful, extraordinary, outstanding and “unique” Winter Olympics to the world.The glory of the Winter Olympics is shared around the world.This is “Chinese type romance” the profession of longest affection!The shared future of “Chinese-style romance” is full of bright expectations and highlights our mission.Dream of ice and snow, together to the future.After more than six years of careful preparations and overcoming the adverse impact of COVID-19, the Chinese people, with their diligence, courage and wisdom, have presented a “Romantic Chinese New Year” to the world, and will surely deliver a safe and wonderful Olympic Games to the world.This is more than 1.4 billion Chinese people with people all over the world hand in hand, create beautiful expectation of the future, more winter Olympic movement and the glorious testimony, testimony to the future with us, together with the people of the world plays of unity, peace and friendship all mankind colorful movement, jointly shoulder the glorious mission, to dream, to relay to the Olympic spirit.”Chinese style romance” is proud, but also bear!Let us gather together this proud glory, take up a glorious mission, hold high the Olympic flame, ignite the passion of struggle, so that the “Chinese-style romance” in the thick and full of innovation and vitality of the Long river of Chinese civilization continues to extend, radiate a more brilliant light of civilization.Source in an times review editor Xu Fangfang editor Li Jie Liu Sibo