Is there any strategic significance of MAO Zedong’s anthology to do we media?

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The great significance of MAO Zedong thought is that it elevates the theory of military, political and revolutionary struggle to the height of philosophy.Therefore, it also has great strategic guiding significance for us to do we media.First, the direction we choose for we media must conform to the background of The Times.The power of any individual is just a speck of dust in the current of The Times.Even if it was as strong as Chairman MAO and founded xiangjiang Review, it was shut down only a month later by the order of the warlord at the time.Because his hope of realizing the democratic unity with the help of the media was bound to be hindered by the reactionary forces at that time.The inspiration for us is that we should never do anything that we media platforms do not encourage or even suppress.Despite the country’s three-child policy, there are still many accounts advocating women’s independence and singles.Content that runs counter to national interests will inevitably be suppressed.For example, some content of infringing clips may be blocked at any time.To avoid a hard-earned account going down the drain.We’d better not choose the red line in the first place.Second, we must have a clear goal when we do we media.At that time, the Communist Party made clear the revolutionary goal of anti-imperialist and anti-feudal society.This is very significant.Because it brings together a group of passionate young people with a common goal.We are working hard for a common goal.For example, my account promotes a model of programming and life.In this way, friends who are interested in this aspect will gather together to learn from each other and make progress together.Third, we do we media to have a reasonable account positioning.In terms of the orientation of revolution, Chen Duxiu placed his hopes on the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, while Zhang Guotao placed his hopes on the workers’ movement.The facts of history prove that this is not a reasonable position.MAO Zedong, through the Analysis of The Various Classes of Chinese Society and the Investigation Report of the Peasant Movement in Hunan, positioned the revolutionary power on the peasants and achieved great success at last.This shows the importance of reasonable positioning.Therefore, when we do “we media” accounts, it is best to combine them with our own abilities, majors or interests.That’s how you make it last.If we do what we see the content of the fire, obviously they do not have the accumulation of this aspect, do it will be unpleasant, the result will not be good.Fourthly, we media should establish positive values.The three disciplines and eight points of attention established by the Communist Party at that time won the hearts of the people and won a good mass foundation.In other words, if you don’t share these values, no matter how competent you are, the Communist Party will not welcome you.So we do we media must also promote positive content.Refuse vulgar, spoof, eyeball, destroy the three views, the quality of the content.This kind of content can drive a lot of traffic to you in the short term.But it’s definitely not good for your positive profile building and word of mouth.Go for a long time, inevitable meeting is three view normal user abandon.It’s really not worth it.Maybe we do positive content, the speed of drainage will be much slower.But it is of great benefit to the accumulation of positive image of our account.Fifth, we media accounts need to have a clear vision that can be described.The success of the revolution was inseparable from chairman MAO’s clear vision of the future of the revolution.MAO wrote of transforming China from a politically oppressed and economically exploited country into a politically free and economically prosperous one.But also to change an old culture ruled and ignorant China into a new culture ruled and advanced civilization China.What a vision.For example, by reading my account, I can finally acquire a comprehensive and professional thinking mode of programming and life.Finally, we media needs a feasible content planning system.Chairman MAO didn’t just pay lip service to a rosy vision.At the same time, the feasible work deployment is also given.We also need to have a reasonable plan for the content of our account so that our audience can achieve the desired effect.The above content is just a simple analogy of “we media” from the macro perspective.Not necessarily mature, we have any opinions, welcome to correct, thank you.