We will arrange and deploy the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers on rural roads

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to ensure the safety of the masses and further strengthen the service and security capabilities of rural road facilities, recently, the bureau organized a meeting on the investigation and rectification of rural road safety hazards.The meeting conveyed the spirit of documents related to the renovation of rural road safety hazards of provincial departments, decomposed and implemented the security tasks of rural roads in 2022, and trained and guided the investigation and renovation of rural road safety hazards and made deployment arrangements.The meeting stressed that first, to improve ideological understanding.Hidden perils in village road safety control work, implement the provincial government decision deployment, continue to enhance the capacity and ordinary highway safety the important means of communication service level, various counties (districts) to implement the main body responsibility, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen overall coordination, set up a special working team, will be hidden perils in rural roads real done fine work.Second, we will carry out in-depth investigation of hidden dangers.Each county (district) should develop the village road safety hidden trouble investigation and renovation work plan as soon as possible, quickly transfer business backbone to form the safety hidden trouble investigation work special class, for the area near the water cliff, sharp curve steep slope, poor visual distance, level crossing, accident prone and other sections as the focus, comprehensive hidden trouble investigation work.Third, carry out rectification work as soon as possible.Each county (district) should according to the annual target task, combined with the hidden danger section of the investigation, as soon as possible to start the village road safety renovation work, inverted construction period, wall map operation, to ensure the completion of the annual target task on schedule.At the same time, the new reconstruction of rural road projects to strictly implement the “three simultaneous” requirements, the security facilities and the main project at the same time design, construction, and put into use at the same time.