With Wang Shuang, Xiao Yuyi and Zhang Linyan getting a chance to stay abroad, the Chinese Football Association finally did something real

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Nine days have passed since The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup on Feb 6, and many football fans are still basking in the joy of winning the title.Recently, the Chinese women’s football team has been quarantined in Suzhou for 14+7 days, during which the every move of the Chinese women’s football team has attracted the attention of the media and fans.Not long ago, authorities organized a drone light show for the Chinese women’s football team to welcome their triumphant return, while the Chinese women’s football team also organized all its players and coaches to record their wishes for the Lantern Festival ahead of the Lantern Festival.In the second half of the Asian Cup final, Tottenham hotspur’s Tang Jiajia scored a goal and set up an assist for her teammates, showing the strength of the Chinese players.As a result, it is expected that more Chinese players will play in Europe. According to Soccer News, there are three players in the Chinese women’s football team who have the idea and opportunity to go abroad.So who are the three players revealed by the media?King is the first frost, and the frost on the Asian cup semi-finals, because of the injury did not play, but in the final, frost king insisted that pitch has been played for 60 minutes was ShuiQingXia to substituted, although there is no goal, but the king cream minor injuries of fire spirit has no place or a great inspiration to his teammates and the fans.However, Wang has been on a high streak in the tournament, scoring five goals and ranking third on the Asian Cup scoring list.And Wang Shuang in the previous service of Paris Saint Germain women’s football, she still has the strength to stay abroad.The second is Xiao Yuyi. Xiao Yuyi is the major contributor to the Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup by reversing the Korean women’s football team.After the final was tied 2-2 in regular time, the South Korean women’s team went into injury time with two saves by goalkeepers Zhu Yu and Wang Xiaoxue.In the last two minutes of stoppage time, Xiao yuyi collected a pass from a teammate in front of the goal and volleyed the winner.In the semifinal overtime, Xiao yuyi also set up Wang Shanshan’s equalizer at the last minute.Two crucial goals in two games proved that Xiao has a big heart.The third is Zhang Linyan, who was born in 2001 and is only 1.54 meters tall, one of the biggest surprises of the Asian Cup.In the final, The Chinese women’s soccer team was still 0-2 down after 60 minutes, when Shui Qingxia decisively replaced Zhang Linyan.And she did not live up to The high expectations of Shui Qingxia, on the field to rely on positive running let the Korean women’s football defense completely collapsed.She first set up a handball with a cross that tang converted from the penalty spot to equalise the score, then headed home a goal from tang’s assist to put China level.After the match, famous soccer star David Beckham forwarded his best wishes for Zhang linyan.It is reported that the Chinese Football Association is actively promoting wang Shuang, Xiao Yuyi and Zhang Linyan to stay abroad, and it is believed that fans will soon be able to see them playing abroad.