Datang real estate manager level above staff salary cut 10% year-end bonus discount

2022-05-02 0 By

Housing mutual February 18, Datang real estate headquarters level headquarters level introduced a salary reduction plan, managers and above the average salary reduction of 10%.Last year’s year-end bonus and performance will be 50% or 60% off, followed by possible layoffs and salary cuts.People familiar with the matter said the company spoke to everyone this morning about the pay cut.Before datang real estate in Xiamen, the wage delay is normal, and will be issued at last.On January 10, according to public information, xiamen datang real estate group co., LTD., frozen equity amount is 160 million yuan RMB, the executing court for nanchang city intermediate people’s court, frozen targets for guangxi Tang Run investment co., LTD. (xiamen datang subsidiary), frozen period since the solstice on January 10, 2022 on January 9, 2025.Datang Real Estate, a xiamen-based real estate developer founded in 1984, successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 11, 2020 after three failed IPOS.(Review of wind money news, operator financial network)