Chongqing 62 people won the prize, the 38th physics competition award list released, there are 7 senior one students

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62 students from Chongqing won prizes. What prizes did these students get?Student awards, it can be said is uneven, many categories.Some awards have nice names, but they don’t really mean much.The prize I want to talk about this time is the provincial first prize in physics competition, which has a certain weight. Only the students who stand out from the provincial competition are eligible to participate in the national competition.According to official statistics, in the 38th physics Competition, 517 students from Chongqing won the third prize at the provincial level, while 501 students won the second prize at the provincial level. These two awards are not included in this article.Sixty-two students from Chongqing won the first prize at the provincial level, including seven students in grade one.As a high school student, because of the lower grade, the physical knowledge itself is relatively limited, can achieve such a result, the author still admire.The list of students who won the first prize at the provincial level in Chongqing is shown in the picture.In terms of the number of winners, Chongqing Bashu Middle School ranked first with 23.Followed by chongqing no. 8 middle school, there are 12 people, Chongqing no. 1 middle school has 10 people, these schools are chongqing city more famous key high school, every year there are good college entrance examination results!Among the 27 students in Grade one of Grade one in Chongqing, one student finally won the second prize at the national level, winning honor for the examinee and even the school.The student is from Chongqing Bashu Middle School.According to the final competition results, among the 61 chongqing students who won the first prize at the provincial level, 5 students were finally qualified for the national training team.Chongqing has 13 students who have won the national first prize.Figure 1 According to the official list of winners, the author made a detailed statistics of the number of winners in the 38th physics competition for each middle school in Chongqing. Due to the large number of high schools, three pictures were made to show you. The first picture is shown in the figure above.As can be seen from the picture, two students from Chongqing No. 1 Middle School won the national first prize and the second prize respectively.The second picture is shown below. From the picture, we can see that in Chongqing No. 8 Middle School, 1 student won the national second prize, 3 students won the national first prize, and 2 students joined the national training team.Statistics on the number of winners of physics Competition in Chongqing Middle schools Figure 2 The third picture is shown below. According to the comprehensive statistics, there are 71 high schools in Chongqing that have achieved some results in this competition.Everyone in the understanding of the middle school competition results at the same time, but also from their own point of view reasonable analysis, whether it is necessary to participate in the physical competition.Figure 3. Physics competition is double-sided. It is a very good outcome to get excellent results and win prizes.Because the prize of physics competition has a positive effect on the future development of middle school students.But middle school students in the preparation of physics competition at the same time, will also pay a lot, will use a lot of resources, will use a lot of time.If the grasp of physics competition is not good, blind participation, may be counterproductive.This will not only increase the burden on students, but also affect their scores in the college entrance examination.Therefore, the author believes that students with conditions and ability should actively grasp the opportunity of physical competition, and students with little interest in physical knowledge should focus on high school learning.