Daughter-in-law secretly eat mother-in-law walnut, mother-in-law scolded her husband unexpectedly, pregnant wife unbearable divorce!

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At the moment this kneeling on the ground bawling man named Chen Ming, in the face of Chen Ming kneel request to forgive his wife Zhao Hong actually indifferent, even if the fetus in the abdomen has been five months old, Zhao Hong is still determined to divorce.What kind of contradiction is having after all between husband and wife, so that let Zhao Hong disregard the fetus in the abdomen, be determined to divorce with the husband?Zhao Hong and Chen Ming, 20, met through a matchmaker and later got hitched. Their first daughter was born the following year.It should be said that the couple’s day is in the development of a good day, now Zhao Hong is pregnant with a second baby, but how Chen Ming so impulsive on the pregnant wife begin?Zhao Hong told the mediator that her husband attacked her because of a bowl of walnuts.Zhao Hong was always hungry since she was pregnant. One day, she saw a plate of walnuts on the table in the living room and no one ate them, so he took them into his room.But did not expect to take away the third day of the walnut mother-in-law is not happy, the mother-in-law put the heart of dissatisfaction all told to his son Chen Ming, claimed that Zhao Hong and her rob something to eat, words are distorted facts, the mother-in-law is always a set behind a set to face.Chen Hong was wronged so she quarreled with her husband and mother-in-law, and at this time her husband Chen Ming was biased to her mother, and even began to beat his wife.Chen did not refute his wife’s accusations. He said it was not the first time that his wife and his mother quarreled, often over trivial matters, and he was caught between them.For the last start, Chen Ming said his wife is too willful, too do not know how to respect his mother, in Chen Ming’s view as a junior must respect his mother.Zhao Hong and husband Chen Ming actually all the time feeling is good, also once tried to go forbearance mother-in-law, but the aggravation of the mother-in-law makes her really hard to tolerate.The Spring Festival to send to the family, as a daughter hope to give parents to buy full and rich, Zhao Hong is no exception, but for her, to send their parents what is never a couple say, they buy more than two pounds of pork to her mother’s home will be scolded by her mother-in-law.Seeing other students being spoiled by their mother-in-law, being cared for by her in-laws, and looking at her status in her in-laws’ family, Zhao Hong felt too painful.But the next second Zhao Hong’s mother-in-law turned, will spearhead the zhao parents.The mother-in-law said the couple often quarreled in the first year of their marriage, but every time they quarreled, the daughter-in-law called the family to back them up.And in Zhao Hong just finished giving birth to the eldest daughter is still in confinement when, because the young couple produces contradiction daughter-in-law still surprised the family actually.Later zhao arrived at the son-in-law’s house, as soon as the door was at daggers drawn.Finally no matter how good advice, zhao parents or insisted on Chen Hong back to her mother’s home, also from the beginning of the contradiction between the two families play more and more intense.Zhao hong said she had thought about divorce more than once and felt she had no place in the family.Her mother-in-law’s all kinds of picky even let her husband is pregnant with her hands, this time she is unbearable, so live back home.He stayed there for more than 20 days without a single phone call from his in-laws.Finally, zhao Hong and so on to only the village gossip, village people talk about zhao Hong’s mother-in-law released words, said the couple so fighting day has been unable to live, must let them divorce.Hear these gossip zhao jielao can not sit, in the face of the Chen family ruthless they insisted on Zhao Hong knocked off the belly of the child with Chen Ming divorce, let the couple break, both elders to help their children to beg for a statement, the quarrel between the little husband and wife eventually evolved into violence and divorce.How should the contradiction of Chen Hong husband and wife dissolve again now?In order to resolve the conflict between husband and wife, the mediator first found the mother-in-law to persuade, the mother-in-law changed the tough attitude before, said that as long as the children are good, she has what to do wrong is willing to change.Then the mediator took Chen Ming mother and son came to zhao Hong’s home to apologize, Ming saw pregnant wife immediately choked with tears, immediately knelt down to apologize and begged his wife not to divorce.But in the face of kneeling husband, Zhao Hong did not immediately concede, still contradiction to her mother-in-law.The mediator conciliated that children should first look for their own reasons for conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Zhao Hong’s personality is very strong, always against her mother-in-law, which is also an important reason for the intensified conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.The mediator consoled Zhao Hong that any family would inevitably bump into each other. Even if her mother-in-law did something wrong, Zhao Hong should respect her first. Since it is a family, she must tolerate each other and be patient with each other.Zhao hong’s mother and mother-in-law also made it clear that they hope the couple can get along harmoniously.While the mediator strikes while the iron is hot, he tells the elders on both sides not to interfere too much in the couple’s life, to learn to give the couple space, let them grow up.Seeing that her husband Chen Ming and her mother-in-law had lowered their posture, Zhao Hong was no longer obstinate and expressed her willingness to go back to the Chen family to learn how to be a good wife and daughter-in-law.As the saying goes, couples fight at the head of the bed and fight at the end of the bed, but once family members get involved, a simple family conflict often becomes complicated.In this story, whether the mother-in-law is strong, or the daughter-in-law, the adulteration of her family, the most crucial lies in Chen Ming should have a view of right and wrong, when the contradiction between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, how to resolve, rather than allowing the contradiction to intensify.We should respect the elderly, but we should also face up to the demands of the wife. 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