Eight patients in Kaohsiung city have been quarantined from negative to positive, adding to the community’s risk

2022-05-03 0 By

[News page – Taiwan Strait] The kaohsiung city has been suffering from two transmission chains, and the number of cases has exceeded 100 in the past half a month. The Kaohsiung city government has adopted a large-scale quarantine and community screening to try to cut the invisible transmission chain.Eight of the 15 new cases reported yesterday were confirmed to have changed from negative to positive during the quarantine period. However, in the case of the extension of the yilan Hotel, a woman in her 40s who ran a hair salon did not disclose the truth during the quarantine process, so she and her three family members who lived with her caught the disease will be prosecuted under the “Infectious Disease prevention and Control Act.”Kaohsiung reported 15 more local cases yesterday, nine related to the Kaohsiung Port cluster and six related to the Evergreen Phoenix Hotel in Reef Creek, Ilan.Among the confirmed cases, five quarantined people in Quarantine were found alive before being released from quarantine. Among them, 19,048 in their 50s were kindergarten workers, 19,078 and 19,079 in their 70s were 18,516 family members who had been infected with the virus, and 19,076 were working staff members who had no symptoms during the quarantine period.The case of a ship worker in his 70s, 19,073, was among 18,367 previously confirmed contacts of the case.Another 70-year-old case, case 19077 and case 18454, were isolated by Kuang Due to the same workplace. After the diagnosis yesterday, his family members, case 19049 and case 19055, and a neighboring family member, case 19050, were also diagnosed.In the cluster case related to Yilan Hotel, a six-year-old child 19,046 and his mother 19,047 have been added to the kindergarten, and the number of caregivers in the kindergarten has reached 20.Geohiong (kaohsiung) mayor Chen chi-mai, according to new cases, mostly in the rectification column ZhongYang turn, the risk of transmission, so no community in yilan hotel cluster case, however, one of the more than 40 years old women in 19081 with initial contact to yilan tourism index case 18773, plague adjusted but hidden tracks and not vomit, lead to living with a pair of husband and children are diagnosed,The risk of community transmission will be investigated in accordance with the “Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law”.Pan Chao-ying, Director of The Kaohsiung Health Bureau, said that epidemic investigators found that case 18773 and 19081 had contact records, but 19081 denied contact, and finally consulted the telecom footprint and vehicle identification system, but she did not reveal the truth.(Source: Straits Herald New Media)