How does auto cruise work

2022-05-03 0 By

Auto cruise technology, a feature only available in luxury cars in the last century, is now “flying into the homes of ordinary people.”But I believe that many owners of this function is just stay at the level of understanding, maybe the car bought back has not used a few times.So, today I will tell you about the auto cruise function of some knowledge.The first is cruise control (CCS), which is the most common.Cruise cruise is useful because the owner can set a fixed speed and keep it there, and the electronic system will automatically apply the brakes when necessary.This function works well on low-traffic highways, but if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you or the volume of traffic increases, you need to control the brake yourself.An updated version of cruise control, Adaptive Cruise (ACC), will also be more intelligent.On the basis of constant speed cruise function, the vehicle can not only keep constant speed, even after braking, the adaptive cruise function can automatically restore the car to the original speed.In addition, adaptive cruise is equipped with more accurate edge sweeping radar, which also provides a guarantee for vehicle safety.Adaptive cruising, so to speak, already smells of autopilot.As long as the vehicle stays on the same route, acceleration and deceleration do not require manual operation.However, adaptive cruise has not been able to accurately identify stationary objects.And active cruising.The function of active cruise is to identify more diverse driving environment and assist the owner to complete driving.But this feature is currently available only at luxury brands.Take adaptive cruise, which is not suitable for all situations.For example, when the vehicle is turning, the nose radar may not detect the vehicle in front due to the Angle problem, and the car will automatically accelerate and cause a rear-end collision.In addition, adaptive cruise can not be used in urban road congestion.Faced with such complicated road conditions, the system is not so fast response speed, or honestly manual operation.Also, do not use it in rain or snow, as the car radar may lose accuracy in such inclement weather conditions.