Under one: Lu Linglong’s problems may not have nothing to do with blood ties. Lu Lin’s lies tell everything

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The update of the latest chapter of # one person under # one person is absolutely annual burning brain big play, Zhang Chulan launched a wave of inquiry to Lu Lin on the problem of Lu Linglong, zhang Chulan said Lu Lin was lying to all people when everyone was enjoying it, and the control of 2 uncle to the literature play really let a person admire.After watching the latest update, the truth of Lu Linglong’s ability has become the focus of everyone’s discussion, so what are the defects of Lu Linglong’s ability?What did Lu Lin lie about?In terms of the information provided in the plot, neither The psychological activities of Zhang Chu LAN nor the dialogue between Lu Lin and Zhang Chu LAN are of too much reference value, because we do not know what level of Lu Lin’s lying is.Lu Lin’s lying means are particularly clever words, then alone mentioned Lu Linglong’s father but not mentioned lu Linglong’s mother this wave of operation, should be deliberately misleading Zhang Chu LAN to the blood guessed above, thus misleading Zhang Chu LAN for the judgment of this matter.If this is the case, then the judgment that Lu Linglong’s problem has nothing to do with blood ties is correct, and Lu Lin is indeed misleading Zhang Chulan.And if Lu Lin is not particularly good at lying, then Lu Lin alone mention lu Linglong’s father this matter should be deliberately to avoid Lu Linglong’s mother.If this is the case, then Zhang Chu-lan thinks that Lu Linglong’s problems have nothing to do with blood ties, that is, Zhang Chu-lan thinks too much, then Lu Linglong’s problems should be related to blood ties.Compared with the brain-burning question above, I am more curious about the inheritance of the Lu family.What lu family has inherited for so many years is really just a lot of family rules and hard bones of the same lineage?I don’t know if you believe me, but I don’t.It’s a tall order for a family with no means of its own to survive for thousands of years.After all, thousands of thousands have not as good as their own, has been relying on other schools of lu jia is how to ensure so long no problems?And from the dialogue of Lu Lin and Zhang Chu LAN, although there is no family kung fu, but the talent of lu’s children is generally very good.This setting itself seems to be a problem, why will the talent of lu’s children be so good?The most important point is that the company does not describe the organization too much four, if there is no inheritance of the power gao jia, Lu Jia a little secret, the company’s manual why no detailed introduction?All kinds of information seem to tell us the same thing, none of the four simple.Lu jia may not inherit the ability to exist, but their inheritance is not just family rules and hard bones, the talent of Lu family is generally very good should be because of the secret lu Jia hidden.03 Lu Lin’s lying level is very poor, Lu Linglong’s problem may be related to blood relationship after a series of common words, Zhang Chu LAN’s inner evaluation to Lu Lin is “really can’t lie”, according to this point to judge, Lu Lin’s lying level should not be very high.According to normal people’s thinking, want to lie but there is no way to perfect lie the first choice is to conceal, if Lu Lin really like Zhang Chu-lan judgment, then Zhang Chu-lan’s initial judgment is wrong.Lu Lin did not mention lu Linglong’s mother is not deliberately induced Zhang Chu LAN to consanguinity this direction to think, but pure won’t lie to choose the most direct conceal, Zhang Chu LAN is to think much at the beginning.The individual feels this possibility is bigger still, because 4 this kind of existence is impossible a little secret have no, as the further development of plot, 4 ability sooner or later have to place to the table, the gao Jia that does not have the ability to pass down a family and lu Jia with what and wang Jia, Lu jia call 4?And we should not forget, in the face of Gao Ning and Tu Junfang no resistance is not only a Lu Linglong, Lu Jin Lao Zi is so.Gao Ning’s ability is really some fierce, but discerning people can see, ten guy this level of existence is afraid only Lu Jin will sink so deep.Therefore, I think Zhang Chulan should have thought too much at the beginning. Lu Linglong’s problems should have something to do with blood relationship. The temperament and talent of Lu family members may be a kind of inheritance of Lu family blood.