Large numbers of truck drivers are demonstrating against a state of emergency in the Canadian capital Ottawa

2022-05-04 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Ottawa, February 6 (reporter Li Baodong)Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency In the Canadian capital Thursday as truckers staged protests that threatened the safety of Ottawa residents.’A large number of trucks blocked residential streets in Ottawa, their horns blared well into the night, thousands of protesters outnumbered police and downtown Ottawa was out of control,’ Mr. Watson said in a statement.Truck drivers in Ottawa blocked the downtown area and occupied the road in front of the Canadian parliament on Monday as they demonstrated against prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government’s new coronavirus vaccination mandate.There have also been demonstrations in support of the move in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver.Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloley said Friday that Ottawa lacked the police and resources to deal with the demonstrations.Diana Deans, chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, also said Ottawa has been besieged by convoys of trucks and that this is not just a city problem, but a national one that requires a specific plan to address.Many Ottawaans called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take action, including calling on The Canadian armed forces to disperse protesters and remove vehicles.On January 15, Trudeau’s government announced a new anti-virus rule that requires truck drivers traveling between Canada and the United States to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination when entering Canada.Some Canadian and American drivers immediately protested strongly and formed a “march” convoy to Ottawa.It is reported that about 110,000 trucks took part in the convoy.On January 31, Trudeau said he would not meet with protesters or give in to them.