Li Jiu is the new face of KPL!Tian Yun ridicule Li Jiu, Zhang Daxian too spoil September

2022-05-04 0 By

As the audience anxiously waiting, KPL spring competition is officially opened.So far, many KPL teams have also shown their desire for good results and the competition is going well.However, the audience who watched last season’s game know that Li Jiu gradually left the stage of understanding talk because of some things, but on the same day XYG vs GK game, Li Jiu also returned as commentator, and even Tianyun joked: this is the new face of KPL.In addition to The return of Li Jiu, GK and XYG’s match is also very exciting, let’s take a look.Speaking of GK and XYG, the two teams, in fact, they also had regrets in last season, they are also ready to get better results in the spring.As fans of the two teams know, they are both signed by The Spanish team, so this time the civil war between the Two teams has also aroused the interest of the audience.And in the process of the game, XYG is also by virtue of xiuqu and Excellent play in September, finally won the civil war by the score of three to one, Zhang Daxian is smiling from ear to ear after seeing the operation in September.In a king of Teeth glory plate, the audience also often see the LIVE broadcast of GK players, in fact, GK strength is also very strong.But in this matchup, they were defeated.But the heat of this game can be said to be very high, first of all XYG is Zhang Daxian’s team, Zhang Daxian will commentary XYG’s game every time.Secondly, Li Jiu is also a dental contract commentary, although he was suspected of direct retirement before, but from the game, his commentary ability is very strong.Personal analysis: Fans are still looking forward to XYG’s performance this season.They almost rolled over in the seat race, but managed to make it back to KPL.Fans also hope they can reach the final in this season, after all, last season’s final four made fans feel a little sorry, hope XYG players work together.What do you think about this competition?