On the fourth day of the Winter Olympic Games, Gu Ailing of the Netherlands broke the record to win the gold medal

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On February 8, the fourth day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, today’s competition was full of highlights.Dutch athletes broke the Olympic record in the speed skating 1,500 meters, very strong, won the gold and silver MEDALS, helping the Dutch team to top the gold medal list.China’s Gu Ailing jumped out of the unprecedented 1620, the reverse victory, a very brilliant performance.Speed Skating men’s 1500m Speed skating In the men’s 1500m speed skating, Ning Zhongyan of China, he and Kell of the Netherlands.Ness, Thomas Kroll and Kim Min-seok of South Korea competed for the championship.Thomas of the Netherlands.Kroll came out first, and he did a really good job, and with a really strong finish, he skated 1:43.55, an Olympic record, which was amazing.Next up is Kell of the Netherlands.Ness, who started off brilliantly, skied well in the middle and sprinted hard, finished in a time of 1:43.21, breaking the Olympic record his teammate had just broken.The last Chinese player ning Zhongyan, his front end is good, basic pressure on the Olympic record line.But he struggled on the back stretch, slowed down a lot and finished seventh in 1:45.28, missing out on a medal.The Dutch team swept the gold and silver MEDALS in the event, which went to Kell.Ness, runner-up goes to Thomas.Kroll, the bronze medal goes to Kim Min-seok of South Korea.South Korea also broke its Olympic gold medal record.Women’s freestyle ski big jump, the world’s first women’s freestyle ski big jump was born in 1620. Today’s women’s freestyle ski big jump competition, three skaters skated at a super high level, all scored a super high score of 93+.France’s Tess Ludde, who scored a whopping 94.50 in the first skate, was first.China’s Gu Ailing was second with her first jump of 93.75 points.Britain’s John Muir jumped 90.25 to finish third.In the second skate, Tess.Lade again played at the top of his game, skating an extraordinary score of 93.00 to take first place overall.Gremaud of Switzerland performed at a high level to score 93.25, the highest score of the round, and placed second overall.Gu Ailing this round of play is also very good, 88.5 points, this round ranked the third.After two rounds, the number one Tess.Ruder was more than five points ahead of the runner-up, and the gold medal seemed to be within his grasp.In the third race, Gu put up a great fight and came up with 1620, which she had never tried in a big competition. Under the pressure, gu played perfectly and landed firmly, scoring a super high score of 94.5.With a total score of 188.25, the ranking rose to the first place, overtaking Tess.Luder scored 0.75.Tess Reid was relegated to second place with a total score of 187.5 with a score of 73.5.Graymode was third with a total score of 182.5.The top three players all scored 180+, which is very rare.It is very difficult to consistently score 90+ points.Gu Ailing jumped a record 1620, creating the first women’s player, great.With one gold and one silver in speed skating, the Dutch skaters took the medal tally to three gold, three silver and one bronze, surpassing China’s three gold and two silver to top the gold medal tally.The Chinese team by virtue of Gu Ailing’s 1 gold medal, firmly in the gold medal table top 3, great.