40 years old woman mistake thyroid nodule when pharyngitis, Chinese medicine 4 months adjust!The money was not wasted

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Half a year ago, Ms. Wu developed a small lump on her neck, and she always felt a lump in her throat.At first she thought it was pharyngitis, so she ignored it.She stopped by the pharmacy one day, bought a box of anti-inflammatories.After a few uses, I found that the lump did not disappear, but tended to grow larger.And slowly began to interfere with work, sleep at night is not stable.Therefore, Ms. Wu took advantage of the holiday time to go to the hospital.The doctor told her that this was a thyroid nodule, which had a lot to do with her usual pressure and eating habits, and suggested that she observe it for 2 months.After listening to the doctor’s words, Ms. Wu was still worried and asked me for a consultation online.Ms. Wu had done “homework” before looking for me. She checked some information on the Internet and saw that many people said that this disease needed surgery.She was more worried about the lump on her neck, so she came to me.I looked at her examination sheet, and color ultrasound suggested that two hypoechoic nodules could be detected in the right lobe of thyroid gland, the larger one about 0.4×0.2cm, with clear boundary and regular shape.The left lobe of the thyroid can be described as hypoechoic, about 0.5×0.5cm in size, with poorly defined boundary and irregular shape.The left lobe of the thyroid is grade 4A and the right lobe is grade 3.I asked her three questions: “Do you feel anything in your throat?””Occasionally, when I swallow, I feel something in my throat.””Do you have headaches, fatigue, or a tendency to sweat?””I don’t have headaches, but my body is constantly exhausted.””How is your sleep now?””I’m under a lot of psychological pressure. I can’t sleep. I tend to dream at night and I can’t wake up in the morning.”From Ms. Wu’s answer, I can basically judge that Ms. Wu is a typical thyroid nodules caused by liver depression and qi stagnation.Look at the coating on her tongue: the tongue is red, thin and greasy;Pulse: the pulse is heavy and fine.From this, what I diagnose Ms Wu gets is gall disease, belong to “liver depression qi stagnation” syndrome.Gall disease is the traditional Chinese saying, western medicine is called thyroid nodules.What is a gall?Gall disease basically is as a result of the person’s affection inside injury, food and water improper wait for common factor to cause, as a result qi stagnation, phlegm of phlegm, blood stasis is formed in meridian of human body, knot was formed before neck a nodule.Thyroid nodule is mainly a kind of disease with clinical characteristics of lumps on both sides of anterior laryngeal apple.Women are more likely to see the disease in areas near the sea or in remote mountainous areas.This disease is characterized by a mass that moves up and down with the swallowing movement and is soft and smooth to the touch.The longer the course of disease, the texture of the mass is harder.Lumps can start as small as a cherry or a finger, and generally grow slowly and vary in size.Some patients may appear sweating, low fever, palpitation, hunger, redness, pulse and other symptoms.Return to this patient body again, Ms. Wu not only has thyroid nodules, but also appeared throat foreign body sensation, fatigue, fatigue, insomnia and many dreams and other uncomfortable symptoms.So, I according to her situation, to her opened a few pair of liver sanjie external stick traditional Chinese medicine – Sanjie milk addiction stick (turmeric, zedoary, hotheadish, tiankui son, wood turtle son, angelica dahurica) and internal Chinese medicine: Bupelum, white peony, angelica, Atractylodes, tangerine peel, Summer kudanthus, etc.Ms. Wu took two weeks, and every night with auxiliary loose knot herb bubble feet, and then when the review, throat foreign body feeling has reduced, fatigue symptoms also have improved.When Wu saw the results, she continued to take it for another three months.Finally, the nodule is slowly reduced, throat foreign body sensation, insomnia, fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms are all relieved.Ms. Wu went to have a thyroid ultrasound. When she saw the result, she was ecstatic and immediately shared the good news with me.I was so happy for her that I shared the treatment with everyone.So if you find a thyroid nodule, treat it early, yes!