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Today’s market, the possible loss of money effect is more obvious than the effect of money, because of the market is the current mainstream varieties.The most obvious, ning Wang this thick eyebrows big eyes, became hit plate culprit.Yesterday after the festival opened, I think it is weak, combined with some fundamentals and valuation situation, it is not too optimistic, but it is estimated to scare a lot of people today, right?Throughout the day, Ning Wang was down as much as 10%, but ended the day down 6.66%, nothing to hide…I am cautious on track stocks, overdone, still need to be careful.Throughout the day, however, one sector did shine: coal.In the surging plate, coal is the lead, because coal prices rose.And thermal coal recently rose strongly, directly pull burst stock prices.Today’s tumbling plate, needless to say, is a variety of track stocks: new energy vehicles, CRO, semiconductor, photovoltaic……Recently, this pile of bad things continue to follow the bad stock prices down the stairs.It is worth saying that today, although the major composite index fell, but the performance of individual stocks is actually good, the whole market fell less than 1000 stocks.Talk about the big thing the market saw today.On February 8, Beijing time, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Department of Commerce issued an updated “Unverified List (UVL)”.UVL added 33 Chinese entities to its list, including Wu Xi Biologics and its subsidiary, Wu Xi Biologics(Shang Hai), according to its website.The list does not cover other listed companies in the “Yao Ming system”, such as Wuxi Apptec and Wuxi Juno.At noon on February 8, wuxi Apptec issued a clarification that neither the company nor its subsidiaries were included in the “unconfirmed list” by the US Department of Commerce;The company’s current production and operation conditions are normal.”Pharmatech is an independent listed company and does not hold any shares in Pharmatech.”This stock price, completely play disabled…I remember it a while ago before this rumor, when the crash, it also came out to refute the rumor.As a result, rumors are far ahead of predictions…In fact, its long-term trend has been bad for a long time, there is nothing to say.Especially in the context of the gradual decoupling of China and the United States in various fields, the nature of its business determines that the market is not a blind worry about this concern.Recently, The winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen has become a new “top flow”, there has been a “difficult to find” situation.This situation also makes related listed companies get attention, such as Yuanlong Yatu (002878), which provides licensed goods for the Winter Olympics, including precious metals and ice dun dun mascot handwork, plush toys and so on. Before the Spring Festival holiday ends, the company’s stock bar has been very busy, ranking in the top ten of the Oriental wealth popularity list.In the first three quarters of 2021, yuanlong Yatu’s revenue from licensed souvenirs for the Beijing Winter Olympics has grown 141.57 percent year-on-year, according to financial data.In addition, Yuanyuan Yatu is also laying out the metasverse.In involving a number of hot concepts, Beijing Business Daily reporters noted that Yuelong Yatu’s controlling shareholders and a number of shareholders, executives and other recent disclosures of a reduction plan.This continuous trading, a lot of people condemn it as farce, but with today’s “valley” word of the listed company rose compared, it was actually pulled the performance.I guess the rise in the “valley” today is due to algorithmic trading.The rise has been poorly sustained.Ping An of China (601318) announced on the evening of February 8, as of January 31, 2022, it has repurchased 77,765,100 shares of A shares, accounting for 0.42541% of the company’s total capital stock, and has paid A total of 3.899 billion yuan (excluding transaction costs).The lowest transaction price was $48.18 / share, and the highest was $51.96 / share.Ping an out of the buyback announcement seems to have many times.The company’s share price was depressed last year, but this year has been the main support of the market, I understand that the main negative release.It keeps buying back, its share price is trading sideways, and it may have bottomed out, but it needs premiums to recover.Valuations are extremely safe right now.