Touched!A female teacher comes to class with crutches at the No. 1 Middle School in Tai ‘an High-tech Zone

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Recently, teachers and students of tai ‘an High-tech Zone No. 1 Middle School often see a woman teacher on crutches busy figure from time to time between the classroom and the office.She is Li Jie, the Chinese teacher of Class 7 and Class 8, Grade 4.At the end of February, Li Jie was injured in an accident. She suffered a severe cut on the Achilles tendon of her right foot, and doctors advised her to rest for two months.Hearing this, Miss Li was puzzled: “What about the students?Only a few months from the middle school examination, is a tense review stage, can’t because of their accident injury and delay the children’s middle school examination!”In the end, she decided to use crutches to continue teaching the children.The pain of the foot injury undoubtedly brought more difficulties and inconvenience to miss Li’s work and life at school, but she persevered and silently fulfilled her duties as a teacher.Supporting her right foot with a stool, she struggled to stand on the platform, but she was still in good spirits to teach the students.The students were also affected by her spirit of silent persistence, listening to the class very carefully.”I am down-to-earth on the stage and have many warm memories with my students.”Li jie said gratefully that before each class, the class representative would help her to take things and prepare the textbooks and homework in advance.When she comes to the classroom, the students will kindly open the door in advance and carry the stool for her.Apart from the warmth from the students, Li jie was also touched by the warmth from her colleagues at the school.When school officials and colleagues learned of her injury, they came to visit her and told her to get a good rest, she said.During her stay in the hospital, colleagues in the Chinese lesson Preparation group of Grade 4 helped to undertake the teaching tasks of Class 7 and Class 8 under the condition of full workload.Back at school, when she was in trouble, her colleagues came to help her, fetching food and pouring water for her.She said, I feel bad that so many of my colleagues have to run around with me.I must strive for a speedy recovery and return to normal work and life as soon as possible!”Teacher Li came to class on crutches is the duty of adherence, students, colleagues care and help is the true reveal, it is such adherence and true feelings intertwined, constitute the high-tech Zone No.1 middle school campus the most moving picture scroll!