Not casually evaluate others, is a kind of self-cultivation;Do not live in the evaluation of others, is a kind of practice

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Don’t be too tangled, who will understand better than god, a few more people can embrace the world.Don’t be too depressed, thank you in my heart, thank you, for my joy, you are the only one in my life.Nothing to think of, at first looking at my eyes become different, it is because you are by my side, as long as you are by my side, my eyes become different.Not to advance is to go back, I am your who, keep pushing, who does not want to experience, but my sin.No matter who you are, if someone helps you, he will take you away. Don’t make him feel scared anymore.No matter what you are going through, be strong and brave enough to face life and difficulties.Perhaps will do nothing, perhaps will have a desire, perhaps no regrets, perhaps will be flat life, perhaps will achieve something.Don’t fall down, don’t cry, look at a smile, don’t laugh.Life is bumpy, wind and rain, never stop.Hard work, overcome their own, no regrets.We have nothing, the only capital is youth.Dream makes me different, struggle makes me change my destiny!Again difficult, oxygen is always enough to suck!We are all angels with one wing. We can only fly when we embrace.Learn tolerance, to have a tolerant heart!If you are a horse, so please be your bole.Some things, some people, is not if you really want to forget, you will forget.Nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to fight.The fresh eyes moisten the fresh struggle, the fresh struggle, the fresh wisdom, the successful fresh.Do your best, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.To turn an ideal palace into a real one, one must be built brick by brick, by hard work, by quiet labor.We used to think that persistence makes us strong, but when we grow up, we find that letting go makes us strong.I always see some girl bragging about how many spare tires she has, and I’m sorry to say, the more broken up the car, the more spare tires you need.Don’t expect, don’t guess, don’t ask, don’t take.Just let it be, because if it’s meant to be, it will happen.Not casually evaluate others, is a kind of self-cultivation;Do not live in the evaluation of others, is a kind of practice.If you don’t let go of the old things, even if the new comes, you will miss it because you can’t spare your hands.Life, not everyone, can understand your intentions, also not everything, can obey your will.Face the problem, can not be anxious;In the face of contradiction, don’t be sad.Anger does not solve the problem, worry does not restore the loss.Don’t reject emotions. If you treat them like the wind, they are your guest, but if you cling to them, they become your master.We crave things, get them, and soon lose interest;We clearly hold the hands of others envy things, but always envy the hands of others.Nine, don’t let that love you, tore heart crack lung to cry for you so once.Because you only get one chance to hurt him like that.After that, you went from indispensable to dispensable.Even if he still loves you, something has really changed.Most people grieve, not because they have lost, but because others have gained.Whether people respect you or not is someone else’s business.Whether you deserve respect is up to you.The process of maturity is learning to get along with yourself.This process is inevitably accompanied by from busy to quiet, from panic to calm, from confusion to self-awareness, from someone to calm alone company.You try to be the best you can be.You see cyclists on the bus pedaling hard in the cold wind not glad, cyclists see on the bus crowded into a tin you not secretly happy, the original shortcomings are found from others.There are three qualities we should never lose: the ability to learn for life, the ability to be objective, and the ability to recognize true love.There is one life not to waste: time.The time you experience, the time you lose, the time you give up, the time you fragment.It is time to pick up your time, grow and explore in limited space, evolve and ascend.If you want to be better than others, you must work harder than others.I am pangpang, grateful life, share happiness!Answer every question carefully, make friends with every friend attentively, thank you for reading, please forward and like the recognition, thank you pay attention to the headline number: Fat love!Pictures from the network, if there is a violation of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will promptly correct, delete.Thank you very much!)