“Sword net 1: Return” 150 thousand troops how hard just 30 thousand high play?New gameplay opens up new opportunities

2022-05-07 0 By

Sword Net 1:Return of all don’t delete file test platform, a lot of play deliberately hidden strength high, the tallest BingJia list also only then 180000, gave me a illusion of gamers are very vegetables, never expected, however, wait for the formal open beta, these bosses finally not installed, a showdown, open, take less than a week of incredibly someone BingJia value reached more than 300000…Look at me, two months of effort is only 150,000 troops, suddenly dwarfed.I have to say, the game’s attributes and armor value, sometimes really not technology can make up for, such as once fengling ferry, I deeply feel this point!At that time, I went on the boat with 10 people in the gang, and I saw hundreds of players gathered on the boat, among which the most conspicuous is the people of the “Water and moon Pavilion” gang.There are only four of them, but each of them is one of the most famous players on the list, and it would be tricky if they were on a boat.So we help the Lord repeatedly advised, do not follow them on the bar, try to hide in the corner.However, fengling ferry is not an absolutely safe place, when the fourth wave of pirates were killed back, “Shuiyuge” people really targeted us, since there is no way to escape, that fight with them, our number is 5 times their number, who is afraid of who!According to the truth, it should be like this, but the other side of the monomer strength is too strong than our people, less than 1 minute, more than a dozen of us were annihilated, looking at each other in the dock, alas!I have to say, good fun is good fun!We ask ourselves PK technology is no problem, but lost in equipment!If PK under the same conditions, we will not lose to them.Perhaps the authorities also want to give civilian players more stage to show their strength, in the new version of Sword Net 1: Return on February 16, the new gameplay “Chaos battle Kyushu Valley” also officially opened!”Wars kyushu valley” is a kind of chicken model play, every fight can accommodate up to 120 people in the same map battle, after entering the battlefield all players level, and cannot carry on any equipment, all want to pick up on the battlefield, this mechanism realizes the fair competition, but also greatly enhanced the competitive fun.”Chaos battle Kyushu Valley” is open every Tuesday and Friday, at 16:00, 20:25, 22:25. Players with level 39 can participate, and they can choose to participate in any 2 games every day.It is worth mentioning that the official “Sword net 1: Return” will be held on February 18 to March 1 “Disorderly battle Jiuzhou Valley” event, want to show their skills on the stage of the competition, must participate in more activities in the near future, win good results to have a chance to enter the competition oh!Anyway, AFTER I open the service, I prepare to hit the night of the 2, I hope to meet the “water moon pavilion” masters, then I must revenge!