Chengde Medical College is a few

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Chengde Medical College in Hebei is the second batch of undergraduate enrollment, so we usually say that Chengde Medical College is the second university.1. First of all, let’s know about Chengde Medical College.Chengde Medical College, located in Chengde City, a famous historical and cultural city in China, is an undergraduate medical college affiliated to the government of Hebei Province.Chengde Medical College, founded in 1945, is a provincial institution of higher learning in Hebei Province and a pilot university of “Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program”.2, then learn about the major of Chengde Medical College.The specialties of Chengde Medical College include: anesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmacy, rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture and Massage, biomedical engineering, applied psychology, bioinformatics, nursing and so on.3. Finally, take a look at the dormitory of Chengde Medical College.The dormitories are all air-conditioned and supplied with hot water 24 hours a day. The canteen provides delicious and cheap food and the supermarket on campus provides high quality and cheap daily necessities. Students can enjoy convenient living services while staying on campus.There are four rooms and six rooms in the dormitory.