The Logic of Negotiation from the Perspective of Cuban Missile Crisis Negotiation;

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When it comes to negotiations, none are more dangerous than those during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.It was the closest thing to a thermonuclear war in human history, and if it had happened, it would have profoundly changed our entire human society, but the crisis was averted by delicate negotiations between Kennedy and Khrushchev.What kind of negotiation is this?In the narrow sense, this is not a negotiation in the strict sense, because neither side of the negotiation is at the table, but it is a wonderful negotiation, they use the logic of the negotiation to the fullest.So let’s understand what negotiation logic we should follow in the negotiation?Florian Wey, a well-known Negotiation expert in Germany, has summarized his countless negotiation skills into this book, The Logic of Negotiation: How to Get More Value for Yourself, which takes us into the world of negotiation.For the most ordinary of us, some people may think that negotiation is very far away from us, do not need to understand the skills of negotiation, because it is completely useless.But is that really the case?Obviously not. To take the simplest example, when we are talking about salary in an interview, it is a typical negotiation. It would be helpful to know the skills of negotiation.There is a concept called anchoring. If you negotiate with an employer based on your previous salary, your previous salary is your anchoring value.Even if you raise your negotiating price high enough, say 50 percent, you think that’s enough.But what you may not know is that the company is offering you a multiple of what you might be anchoring for the position.This will be a serious disadvantage encountered in the negotiations.Not only do we suffer from this kind of situation, but even the famous Beatles, who made his film debut, lost several times their profits because they didn’t understand the rules of film sharing when the negotiations were anchored on music recording profits.So how do you avoid this?The best thing to do, of course, is to know their bottom line, and if not, let them bid first, taking advantage of their anchoring value and making the negotiation better for us.During the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy forced Khrushchev to reveal his cards first.Khrushchev, in a long, fiery but illogical letter to Kennedy, did not want or want to actually start a nuclear war, a weakness Kennedy seized on as a bargaining chip.Of course, this level of negotiation, know the other side’s bottom line, there are more content to solve.What techniques from The Logic of Negotiations did Kennedy and Khrushchev use to negotiate the missile crisis?At the beginning, they must face a negotiation deadlock, and how to break the deadlock bit by bit is the primary task of the negotiation.At the very least, there needs to be room between the two sides for negotiations to proceed.But Cuba was a confrontation from the very beginning, the Soviet Union had missiles in Cuba and the United States had a blockade, so where was the room for negotiation?What if I can’t find it?Can entrust a third party to participate, looking for some breakthrough.The two sides of the negotiation are also based on the principle of maximization of benefits, rather than a dead-end situation, which is worth talking about.Even such a dangerous and unresolved negotiation can rely on the logic of negotiation to talk about the results, negotiation is the best way to solve the problem win-win.Negotiation is everywhere in our life, read this book the Logic of Negotiation, when we have to make a decision, think about the negotiation skills, maybe we can make a better decision.Reading # #