The humiliation of the national football team is helpless, the captain apologized for the first time, Li Xiaopeng wrong letter two people!

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Beijing time on February 1, the team’s 12 strong matches against Vietnam team got the attention of a lot of fans, although a lot of fans of the game before the game full of expectations, but this time the team’s let you down again, finally after a competitive sport, the team’s 3 to 1 defeat to Vietnam, two games ended in this stage,Coach Li Xiaopeng also suffered two consecutive defeats after coaching the National football team, which is obviously a very bitter result.After the game, Li Xiaopeng was also questioned a lot.China lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Although China had the advantage in possession of the ball, it could not match Vietnam in terms of tactics or desire to win, which was the reason for its final defeat.China has bid farewell to the 2022 Qatar World Cup after losing to Vietnam for the first time in its history, apparently in a humiliating game where there is no turning back.National football team was defeated by Vietnam after the game, many fans are very angry, the national football team members seem to be very sad, captain Wu Xi accepted the interview after the game, wu Xi was obviously sad in the interview, he even a little choked up when answering the reporter’s questions.Wu said he felt sorry for losing the match on such a special day.Coach Li Xiaopeng also apologized to all the fans after the game and apologized to every player. The final defeat of the game was due to the problems in the arrangement before the game.National football coach Li Xiaopeng in the game command in this game, national football coach Li Xiaopeng is indeed some nervous, he also admitted it after the game.Many fans also questioned his personnel, many fans even questioned his wrong faith in two naturalized players Alan and Luo Guofu, because they have not participated in the official game for a long time, the state is not guaranteed, especially Luo Guofu, although he is still very positive, but he is not in the best state, and many times lost the ball.Even some fans think that Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie in the use of tactics. Although Li Tie has too much news outside the court, he is more reasonable in the use of tactics.Li Xiaopeng has just taken over the national football Team for a short period of time, so he is more of a warrior carrying the pot on his back. The national football team must make great changes in the future, otherwise it is difficult to achieve fundamental improvement.Li Tie, the former head coach of National football Team, no matter what he did in the match, he still hoped that Chinese football could find its own development path as soon as possible, and then go ahead with his feet on the ground, strive to play a wonderful performance as soon as possible, and bring some good news for the vast number of fans, continue to work hard!Hopefully the national football team can make some progress and improvement