A piece of dumpling skin brings happiness

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Everybody good ah, I love food and free momo, every day the most happy thing is to “eat”, no matter how common ingredients in my eyes can become delicacies, momo share delicious and nutritious food every day is my most happy things to you, if you also love food, point focus on it for you, so you can receive momo wrote a day of food log.Follow me and teach you how to take simple ingredients, eat delicious, eat healthy.Everyone good evening, and to the time of The Mo Mo talk, have been home for a week, I do not know why to stay more and more depressed, anxiety, not confident, confused, these in my heart wandering, do not know where to work after the year, ah, life is too bitter.Why I can not live as I imagine ah, I do not know if you have with Mo mo I wander restlessly, do not see a little hope.Here I wish myself and you can have a good life and study, I wish myself and you can come true in the New Year.Sorry to pass these negative power to everyone, not this tell Momo I don’t know where to tell, parents don’t understand me, grow so big unexpectedly a true friend also don’t, ah too sad.Incredibly complained so long, sorry ha, MO mo I don’t say nonsense, anyway no one understand me!I believe that we have eaten dumplings, today Mo mo will teach you how to use the dumpling skin to make a variety of food.I don’t know if you have thought about other ways to eat the dumpling skin ah, today momo will let you eat, ha ha ha ha ha said I am embarrassed, if you like the content of this period of friends don’t forget to like plus attention oh!A, dumplings layer-cake said to puff pastry trust everyone ate, fragrant crisp delicious is one big characteristic, it can be a sweet also can be spicy, as long as you like it, I like spicy food very much, momo momo taught you how to use the wrappers to make today a simple puff pastry, don’t like friends can directly jump to the next.Buy the dumpling skin brush on a small amount of cooking oil, and then sprinkle some green onion and salt, and then put a dumpling skin on the top, and then brush oil sprinkled with salt and green onion, and so on to the fifth layer, roll the dumpling skin with a rolling pin, the pot brush with a small amount of oil, put the pancake fried until golden and crisp on both sides.So a delicious and delicious dumplings thousand layer cake is finished, start to eat.Simple and delicious, lazy people will know how to eat.The apple pie is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, so a bite is full of happiness. The crispy dumpling skin is filled with juicy and sweet apple filling, which is rich and worth eating.It’s super, super easy to make!Apple dumpling skin starch white granulated sugar butter black sesame 1, buy the apple clean, this step mo mo has emphasized many times, we must not ignore oh, it is directly related to our health.Cut washed apples into cubes and set aside.2. Put butter in a pan and bring to a low heat. Melt at a time.Then put the apple pieces in and stir-fry them. Add sugar and stir-fry them. Finally, add starch water and stir-fry them again.3, prepare the right amount of dumpling skin spread flat on the cutting board, and then take the right amount of apple filling into it, and then use another dumpling skin cover on the dumpling skin with filling, brush with a small amount of oil, with a fork around the filling pressure pattern, not only good-looking but also can prevent the filling from falling.Put it in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, depending on your own oven.And finally, the glittering, crisp apple pie.Ideal for entertaining friends and family.I know you’ve had pizza, but have you ever had the dumpling version?Today momo is going to show you how to make a delicious pizza with simple wrappers.1. Place purchased wrappers on top of each other in a mold, then brush with a small amount of pizza sauce.2, then put the bacon and broccoli can put more food you like to eat, and then sprinkle some cheese crumbs, and finally put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Friends who do not have an oven at home can use steamed method to try it, maybe it will be successful.Well, that’s all for today’s food. Thank you for seeing it.See you next time.I’m Momo, a foodie who focuses on healthy eating. Do you want to know how to eat healthier?Do you want to know what foods are healthier with food?Do you want to know how to eat delicious and nutritious food?Follow me and you will know!Note: this article is mo Mo food said the author of the original, shall not be reproduced without permission plagiarism, once found will investigate oh.