The new BMW iX M60 introduces digital art inside the car

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Beijing – AT THE 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in North America, BMW Group has teamed up with Chinese artist Cao Fei to launch a new themed mode, “Digital Art mode”, which for the first time introduces Digital Art from outside the car to inside the car.Cao Fei named this innovative theme mode Quantum Garden, which depicts the seemingly invisible but constantly connected and interactive picture of elements, showing the beautiful vision of BMW cooperating with the world and co-existing with nature.The new BMW iDrive creates a more personalized, artistic and emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle, and creates a unique experience for the user in a more inclusive and intelligent way throughout the journey.”Digital art mode” brings more digital aesthetics, more emotional charm of immersive experience BMW in CES launched four new theme Modes (My Modes), “digital art mode” is one of the major highlights.The change in theme mode not only means a change in driving mode, but also changes in the display style of the central display, the color of the atmosphere lights and the electronic analog sound waves.Users can choose from a variety of modes by “one-click” or voice control according to their preferences, bringing personalized, emotional and multi-sensory immersive experience.BMW is also one of the first automobile manufacturers in the world to apply digital art to cars. Under the “digital Art mode”, the newly carved and exquisite interface is perfectly presented in the form of art, and the visual effect of intricate light and shade, the transformation of light and shade vividly interprets the appealing design.This mode allows drivers to set their own driving experience according to their personal preferences and experience digital art and culture in their daily trips.The “Digital Art Mode” was demonstrated for the first time at the Innovative BMW iX M60, demonstrating the deep relationship between man and nature. In January this year, the Innovative BMW iX M60 made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in North America and demonstrated the “digital art Mode” with stunning results.The model will be added to other BMW models in 2022.Dr Christoph Grote, SENIOR Vice President, DIGITAL Vehicles, BMW Group, said: “This is the first time we have made digital art an integral part of the driving experience of modern cars, using innovative digital technology to transform BMW’s future mobility into a more personalized, highly customized and emotional experience.””2017 is the prime year for humanity to embrace artificial intelligence, and I created the 18th BMW art car through augmented reality,” Cao said.2021 will be a challenging year, when the world has entered the age of the metasexes, or immersive virtual worlds, while humanity is stuck at its wits’ end.I want drivers to experience the ever-changing digital landscape of the multifaceted universe through BMW’s digital Art Mode.”To this end, Cao fei teamed up with BMW to create a picture of multiple universes connected to each other, and named the digital art work Quantum Garden.Cao Fei describes it as a “poetic collection of the universe,” in which myriad atoms, nebulae and thousands of fast-moving beams of light from deep space, as well as tugging galaxies, cross and extend, combine and separate, sense and listen to each other around innumerable revolving central points.BMW introduces digital art from outside the car to inside, realizing a huge leap in innovative technology and art who says art is just a footnote to utopia?That, in BMW’s view, is the future of car manufacturing.In cross-border cooperation has become a trend, BMW has become the first extensive cooperation with artists, one of the modern enterprise with science and technology and Art together to shape a vision for the future of era, to fully demonstrate the BMW culture “when Art meets the engineering” (Art meets engineering) collision out huge energy.Over the years, BMW has maintained the consistent brand essence, maintained a positive and open attitude to more in-depth and extensive contact with culture and art, and cooperated closely with world-famous artists and cultural institutions.Culture and art are common to BMW’s spiritual core. BMW knows that culture is the carrier of change, and the exploration of art is also the key point of BMW’s exploration and innovation.The innovative way of visualization is an integral part of BMW and an inexhaustible source of its cultural creation.The BMW Group has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the development and exchange of culture and art. Over the past half century, more than 100 long-term cultural events in the fields of modern and contemporary art, architectural design and other fields have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts.As early as in 2017, BMW group has teamed up with the international well-known multi-media artist fei created 18 BMW art car, also is the first digital BMW art car, BMW M6 GT3 art car, the augmented reality technology combined with a physical body, to create a device through time art, created the first digital art creation.The cooperation with Cao Fei again to introduce digital art from outside the car into the car is a leap forward in BMW’s art culture.Start by experiencing BMW’s innovation, ecological sustainability and pure driving pleasure.BMW Authorized dealer of hangzhou and cheng treasure automobile sales and service co., LTD. Hangzhou yuantong treasure automobile sales and service co., LTD. Yongkang wu Po line automobile sales and service co., LTD. 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