Wuhan is ripe

2022-05-09 0 By

Wuhan is still cold and wet in early spring. Walking in the familiar Hankou Concession, I still feel friendly.Especially once the Russian concession, in the Li Huangpi road each step, can encounter different stories.The bakong house was repaired as it should have been, but the removal of scaffolding did not take away the chill.Wen run is the friend of time, bit by bit, gradually to ripe.Since 2011, when I went to university in Wuhan, I have had a lifelong relationship with the city.It should be a matter of great pride that the flag of punk capital still stands in the domestic rock circle.It is an empty name, not particularly important, but it is bound to be the common belief of some stubborn old-school group.The cake of life seems to be the beginning of everything, Wu Wei is always the boss in our hearts, raised fist will not easily fall.The earliest lumo road youth became a beautiful aunt and fat uncle, chose silence.The young people of Lumo Road are struggling in their trivial life and striving to make progress.As for whether there will be lumo road youth in the future, just look at the light, let him go.Vox is standing firm and is undoubtedly the benchmark in the Livehouse industry.WuhanPrison is in the corner of the half underground, enjoying itself.The coastline of Pengliu Yang Road, can continue to exist after Gangzi left for Beijing, already enough gratified.SoulHouse has become the gathering place of blues in Wuhan, and also let the errubber of Ant’s nest find an organization to play the blues harmonica.L7 of street entrance is in no hurry to receive customers in operation.The emergence of Live fills the gap in Hanyang. It is appropriate that the abandoned old industrial area beside Guishan can be utilized in this way.Mad Mouse signed modern, smoothly released the first album, new Wave continues the tradition of punk, can be said to be a successor.Heipweil, a combination of fat and thin, like a gang, went out of Wuhan and mocked the joys and sorrows of ordinary people with so-called “fashionable expressions”.White Paper Fan is THE 2.0 version of AV Okubo, where land burns into magic, the left wing disappears, and the music is very experimental, spinning in the fog, questioning the world.Of course, the bands with similar styles of the old, middle and young generations cannot represent the whole Wuhan. The comedy, magic, decadence, mania and machinery of modernity are all on the opposite side of reflection and reflection. Looking at each lonely person, where is the window and door?Carelessly a word “hero city”, the naked concrete people play lost, flesh and blood and tears in the wind drifting, water falling stone, river east, not sigh not regret.The intersection of the two rivers ancient things closed, the end of the Grass Garden, thriving, comfortable lukewarm, are normal, too much interpretation are boring, for a large enough city, but normal.Each in its position, each do its thing, each get its music, not painstakingly, not hypocritical, can carry can enter, is the most tenacious attitude to ripe.