Chongqing citizens come and experience cross-country skiing with Wang Qiang, a winter Olympic athlete

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“Welcome to the Winter Olympics” ice and snow knowledge competition, figure skating broadcast gymnastics invitational, fun ice and snow park, cross-country skiing with Chongqing Winter Olympics athlete Wang Qiang…The event is not only fun, but also a chance to win prizes and a Chinese New Year gift package.On February 1st, the hengfeng Bank Cup was officially launched to welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.This activity adopts the form of online publicity of winter Olympics ice and snow culture, offline experience ice and snow projects, guide citizens to participate in ice and snow sports in multiple scenes, set off a strong atmosphere of welcoming the Winter Olympics.Members of the public can learn more about the participation through “Sports Chongqing”, “Chongqing Snow and Ice”, “Hengfeng Bank Chongqing Branch” wechat official account and other platforms.This activity is sponsored by municipal Bureau of Sports, organized by municipal Winter Sports Management Center and Jiulongpo District Sports Bureau, supported by Hengfeng Bank Chongqing Branch.With the theme of “Welcome the Winter Olympics · Chongqing, Love ice and Snow to the future”, the activity lasted for one month and set up four sections of “answer, competition, exhibition and tour”. Through online and offline interaction, the knowledge of ice and snow sports was popularized and citizens were encouraged to participate in ice and snow sports extensively.Among them, the “meet the games” knowledge contest, snow and ice on February 1 – held on February 20th, public attention and enter in chongqing in winter sports management core public letter “chongqing ice and snow”, watch the launch of the games in each column, after watching focus on “hengfeng bank chongqing branch” WeChat public, complete the ice and snow sports knowledge the answer (five items),If all the answers are correct, the knowledge contest will be completed.After completing the knowledge contest, 10 first prize winners, 50 second prize winners, 100 third prize winners and 200 lucky prizes will be drawn through wechat mini program.Winners can go to the designated branches of Hengfeng Bank to receive the prize money and the Spring Festival gift package (including the series of maps and postcards of chongqing as the “Preferred destination for outdoor Sports”).”Hengfeng Bank Cup” figure skating broadcast gymnastics invitational competition and ice and snow leisure sports consumption benefit activities will also be held simultaneously.It is worth mentioning that in order to show the spirit of chongqing ice and snow sports fans and winter Olympic counterparts, cheer for the winter Olympic athletes.The organizers also combined the elements of the New Year of the Tiger and the Winter Olympics, developed cross-country skiing scenes with Chongqing Winter Olympics athlete Wang Qiang, and guided citizens to participate in the ice and snow sports at the same time, upload relevant photos, to generate “Yuai ice and snow · My ice and snow adventure” display pictures.In addition, the organizers will also carry out community fun ice and snow garden activities in Jiulongpo.At that time, the area residents through participating in ice and snow sports experience, ice and snow equipment display, winter Olympics knowledge riddles and other fun activities.It is understood that in order to improve the enthusiasm of the public participation, the organizers in the activities of each plate are equipped with Yuai ice and snow sports red envelope.During the Spring Festival, the organizers will also release the city’s ski resorts, ice and snow tourism boutique routes, and promote the open venues of ice and snow sports preferential tickets, ice and snow leisure travel packages.Further guide citizens to widely participate in ice and snow leisure consumption and promote the expansion and upgrading of ice and snow leisure consumption in our city.”In the future, we will launch a series of outdoor sports events, constantly improve and cultivate outdoor sports venues, facilities and equipment, activities and events, continue to promote the creation of national outdoor sports preferred destination action plan, to promote sports and fitness into a healthy lifestyle of citizens, citizens move, Chongqing move.”City sports bureau related person in charge said.