He waited for her for 10 years, drinking to embolden him, breaking into the barracks at night to force him to marry

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Is the Spring Festival holiday still in trouble for the shortage of books?The more I read, the more tired I became.Here are a few classic novels of high quality.Let you quickly into the state of chasing books, get rid of the book shortage situation, so xiaobian painstaking sorting, and everyone’s summary recommendation, let you minute minute fascinated!Lovely little friends must collect oh, nonsense not say much start!He waited for her for 10 years, drinking courage, night break camp forced marriage first book: “The world show love little Lady” author: Gu Xiaozhou Introduction: he is jin Zunyu expensive heir, she is the poor Su family jinxing star.A business marriage changed her life.On the wedding day, Jin Cheng threw out a contract.”I can marry you, but only on one condition. Don’t fall in love with me.””Done.”Su Light leaf readily agreed.Jin Cheng’s dark eyes tinged with anger and suddenly touched her chin, forcing her to look up at him and say, “You don’t want to talk, do you have another man in mind?If you want to take it that way, fine.”Su light leaf’s temper also came up.In front of her principles and bottom line, she is the most stubborn, never bow to evil forces.Jin Cheng’s tone was more grim than ever. “Out there, you were so anxious to defend Manchus. Were you going to stand up for him whenever I spoke a word to him?”This was what made Jin – cheng most angry.When he and Menqing confrontation, Su Qingye always subconsciously choose to side with Menqing.After a short pause, Su Chin-ye heard Jin cheng say, “Up to now, you still don’t know who you are. Remember, you are my wife.”Then he unceremoniously tore her clothes off, and showed no more respect.”Not here, please.”With a sarcastic smile, Jin Cheng said, “You forget that our first meeting was also in the bathroom. I will not let you go this time.He suddenly picked up Su Qingye and pushed her high against the wall.Su Light leaf has no support point, the whole person can only hang on his body.You can’t be in a place like this…Do it, I’ll hate you.”Ms. Su’s angry accusations were punctuated by a few sobs.Jin Cheng, however, paid no attention to her at all. They had come so far that there was no reason to make any further concession.Let me go!Jin…Mr Jin.Please.”Su Qingye accompanied by begging for mercy, more is to avoid.But he didn’t listen to her.It was as if he had lost his mind.No longer restrained, he conquered, almost rudely, and took possession of her warmest regions.Su Qingye bit her lip firmly, but still made a sound.(click below to read for free) the second: “xu you love forever old” author: LAN Yan LAN introduction: they join forces to force her to the cusp of public opinion, in order to fight back absolutely, she wait for an opportunity to revenge.He appeared like a god in front of her, arrogantly: “As long as you stay with me, I can help you revenge, let the Lin family penniless.”She looked up at him. “Ok.”Wonderful content: “Zhiya, you are fierce, in my eyes, are not out of the spray of the cat.”Lin Zhikai empty eyes, malicious voice way: “you remember, only I don’t want your share, no you mention the qualification of divorce.Fu Zhiya replied with a sneer and looked at Lin zhikai mockingly, saying: “Lin Zhikai, you are actually afraid.What am I afraid of?”Lin Zhikai some become angry from embarrassment: “say a bad word, I can kill you with one finger, let your family stay in the countryside can not go on.””You wouldn’t have come here to warn me if you weren’t afraid.”Fu Zhiya corners of the mouth up, mocking smile: “you see me climb yi Sheng, afraid OF me in front of him disorderly blow pillow wind, so strong in the dry oath in front of me the sovereignty.But don’t you think it’s too late?Lin Zhikai micro zheng, then is the mind was opened from embarrassment into anger.Ziya, you really want to divorce me?Just to be with Yan Yisheng?””Lin Zhikai, I am not as shameless as you.”Fu Zhiya was tightly framed by him, unable to move, “if it weren’t for you and Chen Yuanyuan to force me out of breath, even if the divorce, I definitely don’t expect you a penny.You say it well.”Lin Zhikai grabbed Fu Zhiya’s hand, the force of the big, le of her white wrist emerged a circle of bruises, “Zhi Ya, we sleep together for three years, I do not know your mind so evil, while saying love me, and hooked up yan Yisheng, ready for their own way back.”Fu Zhiya eyes of sadness and disappointment flash past, but still slightly raised his head, stubborn and ironic looking at Lin Zhikai.To let go.””She whispered.Lin Zhikai was her alienated attitude get a rage, the mind only left a thought, occupy/have her, let her become his woman completely.Fu Zhiya always pay attention to Lin Zhikai, naturally did not miss his fundus flash account/desire.(click below to read for free) the third book: “abuse of text she sweet turned over” author: Kexing introduction :# hand holding system: I abuse when green tea # # people abuse how sweet love # Qin Keke:?After the binding system, Qin Keke found that her chicken boyfriend is chaebol heir oh, this is sweet and boyfriend back.Smell the sour smell of love ~ dog food to eat good satiety, this is not abuse dog!”Qin Keke has not entered the door, they heard the strange.Zhou Anxin three of them just want to tease Qin Keke, after all, they are three single dogs ~ Qin Keke looked at the door, suddenly don’t know whether to enter or not to improve.Don’t tease me.”Qin Keke is very shy.”How, the bamboo shoots on the mountain were taken away by us?Qin Keke suddenly felt helpless, they actually guessed what she was going to say.All right, all right. I’m not messing with you.Come on in. Is it hot to stand by the door?Harm, Qin Keke is like this look pretty bullies, but in fact a little shy girl.See they finally quiet, Qin Keke hurriedly went in and closed the door.The dormitory is air-conditioned and comfortable in summer.Qin Keke refresh the weibo, Zhang Heli director let her free to look at the weibo evaluation.She is in search box input: bright moon like my heart below a few are “novel changes film and television, don’t destroy the white moonlight in my heart”.Qin Keke smile, the moon or not big original powder.She also read novels, of course, also deeply understand the pain of white moonlight by magic change.The following one attracted the attention of Qin Keke.(Click below to read for free) All of the above novels I really recommend, some netizens contribute recommendations, we pay close attention to me, more beautiful novel wonderful recommendation, I hope you don’t miss it.If you have better recommendations, welcome to contribute comments, I will continue to recommend better books to you.Looking forward to your precious message.Look back in time;She reborn 80 into abandon female, niang not kiss uncle does not love, from now on dress up as a pig to eat a tiger, abuse slag bucket top grade!Through: she through the ancient times, and then open eyes into the princess, life save the dying and heal the wounded universal sentient beings!Ancient saying: he carried the space through the ancient times, the space has another universe, to help him become the Lord of the sacred domain!Paranoid brother is big guy, he cold and proud paranoid belly black, meet the girl will blush heart beat!