The core of wheat high yield: good use of phosphate potassium fertilizer, borax fertilizer, no potassium fertilizer meal is not a good meal

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The start of spring has passed, with the rise of temperature, spring wheat management is about to begin.Many farmers will be at this time to wheat spray agent management, pest prevention and disease nutrition regulation.So today we will do a simple explanation for nutrition.What nutritional elements should not be omitted in wheat growing season management?According to the nutritional requirements of wheat in different periods, there are mainly five types of elements that farmers need to pay attention to: first, nitrogen, which is mainly used to promote the growth of wheat stem and promote seedling, and can make wheat turn green quickly when used in the green period.Then there are phosphorus and potassium. It is no exaggeration to say that wheat management without potassium supplements is without medicine.Phosphorus and potassium is the core of high yield of wheat, and it has many functions. Using phosphorus and potassium at seedling stage can make wheat root stronger and frost resistant.Tillering stage using phosphorus and potassium elements, can make wheat tillering, prevent spring cold;Using p and K at jointing and booting stage can increase the number of effective ears and make wheat as strong as possible.The use of phosphorus and potassium in the filling stage can make the grains full, the weight of 1000 grains high, the color bright, and the yield greatly improved.The fourth element is boron, which many growers will ignore, but it is of great significance to the high yield of wheat, especially in the flowering stage of wheat, can promote the pollination of wheat, reduce the occurrence of wheat hollow grain, scientific use of boron fertilizer, wheat yield is obvious.The fifth element is zinc. Why is zinc mentioned here?That is because in recent years, the early spring of wheat in many areas of the north will appear etiolated virus disease, affecting the tillering growth of wheat, seriously affect the yield.And zinc can improve the resistance of wheat to viral diseases, has the effect of anti-virus!Now popular in many areas with wheat high-yield meal, and in wheat high-yield meal, if there is no phosphorus potassium fertilizer, no borax fertilizer, then this high-yield meal has no soul.All kinds of nutrient elements in use period high yield of wheat meal, the use of different periods have different nutrient elements, suggested that the farmers to spray insecticide period according to oneself to undertake collocation: let’s do a quick rundown under phosphorus, can be used at any time, personal advice every time spray insecticide can be added, in addition to playing herbicide, it can increase production, improve resistance.Followed by nitrogen fertilizer, this can not be used in excess, generally used in the green period has the effect of raising seedlings, promote green.When it comes to borax fertilizer, its main role is to promote pollination, so we generally use the best effect three or five days before flowering, other time need not consider.Finally, zinc fertilizer, because it is mainly to prevent wheat yellow virus disease, so it is recommended that we use in winter anti-freezing or early spring wheat green period, other time also need not consider.Wheat yield is high, not only to rely on foliar fertilizer, but also with good bactericidal insecticide regulator, such a package is perfect.When using foliar fertilizer, we must pay attention to it. The effect will be better with brassinolide!In order to increase wheat yield, scientific management is also very important. Now, in many areas of north China, wheat will be administered two or three times after the New Year. This method is really effective and has been verified by many farmers, which can significantly improve wheat yield.Next wheat management, can refer to the wheat three times medicine high-yield package management way to manage!