The wild into life, dare to ask the world to try edge, rushed to the other side of success

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Youth is magnanimous, youth is hard-working, mature age is not self-deprecating, old age can pass experience.The best gift we give to parents is glory, the best gift to children is example, the best gift to society is dedication.But in front of the thousand-year-old idol of “conformity” and “safety”, wildness was smeared with an ugly color of lowliness and rebellion.When, in shallow masturbation, in the quiet of emptiness, in the stupor of tranquillity, men can no longer appreciate the glorious tide of ancient culture and the pride of crossing the line of “food and clothing”, the cracking of this majestic pyramid awakens the good men and women crouching at its feet.Hence, the pursuit of the wild.There are many ideals in one’s life.Short is called idea, long is called ambition, dare to pursue ambition, good is called desire.Ideal is hope, hope is the motive force of life!The “wild mind” breaks the “never so” thought process;”Wild” architect Zhang Zaiyuan’s design won three in a row in the International Grand Prix;A song full of game “red sorghum”, in the super stable state of mind blowing a vigorous, wild west wind.How colorful the wild was!Life requires truth, to treat others sincerely;Life requires beauty, to decorate the world with beauty;Life requires knowledge, knowledge to drive civilization;Life requires good, with tolerance to enrich life!They turned the most solemn page in the solemn history.Nature selects the fittest.New challenges, new problems, new choices and new realities all call for new reflections and new answers.It is not enough to protect oneself with the same old culture.Positive people in every crisis to see an opportunity, negative people in every opportunity to see all kinds of trouble.Positive thinking leads to positive life, negative thinking leads to negative life!We are the new generation of youth.Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the terminus of our continuous struggle.Realizing our dreams is the halfway point of our continuous struggle.We are a strong generation, in the face of increasingly severe pressure we strive to achieve;If we are pulled into the abyss by the invisible hand, but we can climb up step by step;Even if our path is stormy, we can continue to move forward in the wind and rain.We can not be discouraged, because we are a group of dream pursuers constantly striving.Each of us is a surfing rider on a rising tide of reform.Only by familiarizing with this new torrent and infusing the wild spirit of being eclectic and developing new adventures into life, can we travel freely and rush to the other side of success!