Grandma does not love uncle, even live no, but women’s football for men’s football top up half of the sky

2022-05-12 0 By

China came back from twice down to beat former world champions Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the women’s Asian Cup semifinal on Feb 3 (Beijing time).The women’s soccer team will take on South Korea for the final championship at 7pm on February 6.Throughout the match, the Chinese women’s soccer team’s technology has not caught up with the Japanese team, but the spirit of the women’s soccer team has always been there.And this spirit can never be lacking, especially when the gap between the enemy and us is relatively large. The Chinese rely on this spirit to fight to the last.Is such a touching king of the division, has also won the Olympic Games and the World Cup twice runner-up.However, the Chinese Football Association did not pay much attention to it. Not only was the salary gap with the men’s football team far away, but even the semi-final was such an important match that our official media did not choose to broadcast live, and the chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan followed the National football team to lose to Vietnam.Our women’s soccer team was reduced to the “poor people” that grandma did not love and uncle did not love.This Asian Cup, our women’s football team has eliminated Vietnam team and Japan team, which is the men’s football team has lost the opponent.The men’s football team added to our block, let the women’s football team to dredge, this half of the sky is really timely.Do the football association officials and CCTV members feel pain at this time?The women’s game moved us to tears, while the men’s game made us cry.We never see the “spirit of women’s football” in men’s football, they lack that breath.The fundamental reason is that the men’s football team is too comfortable. Only a few players can make it to the national team, playing well or badly.The most important thing is that wages in men’s football must continue to fall, not just by limiting them, but by bringing them down to the same level as women’s football.In this way, the people who can stay are the ones who really love football.If you want a high salary, kick out and go abroad and make a lot of money.You can think for a moment, men’s soccer, these billionaires, how can be dedicated to serving the country?Finally, thank you to the women’s soccer team, you have never let us down, once again humbled by your spirit.(Author’s statement: this article is xiaopeng sports world exclusive original first, shall not be reproduced and copied, offenders will be corrected, thank you for your cooperation)