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Zeng Guofan said: “reading ambition, must be trapped mian’s work, chi adults learn.”Reading needs to aspire to, but more need diligent efforts, to sink to heart.The key is to work hard no matter what difficulties you encounter, not to give up easily, and to be down-to-earth and not opportunistic.In the ancient Chinese concept, there are four kinds of people in the world: the first kind is the sage, the prophet, who knows without learning, but can without learning, and is born with perfect knowledge and superb behavior ability, and knows how to do it.The second kind is sage, learn and know, learn and act, learning ability is very strong, through learning, can quickly master knowledge, do things to know where the direction is.The third kind is ordinary people, trapped and learn, encourage and do, qualification and learning ability is general, and often because of difficulties to learn, do things to also play up very spirit to make it, sometimes reluctant, for this kind of people, all success comes from hard work and diligence.The fourth kind is the person below, won’t learn at all, also don’t have what practice ability, can’t be past hope at all.For us who grow in this world, the vast majority belong to the third kind of people, a few geniuses are the second kind of people, the first kind of people may not be able to produce a thousand years, the fourth kind of people are relatively few.Zeng Guofan was generally talented and even a little stupid since he was a child. According to legend, a thief visited his house and saw Zeng Guofan reciting Fan Zhongyan’s Yue Yang Lou, but he did not remember a paragraph after reciting for a long time. The thief hiding on the beam remembered all the words, so he could not help reminding him.At the age of 8, he began to study with his father. At the age of 16, he began to take the xiucai examination. However, he passed the examination for seven times successively and ranked second to last in the examination until he was 23.This result was much better than that of his father, who took the exam 17 times and did not become a scholar until he was in his 40s, just one year ahead of Zeng guofan. At that time, it was common for father and son to take the exam together and fail in the exam together.Zeng Guofan is undoubtedly the third kind of person, and he himself has a clear understanding of this point. However, from today’s point of view, he made the achievements of the first kind of person with the qualifications of the third kind through unremitting efforts, and became a saint.Zeng Guofan studied hard. There was no skill in this kind of study. He just studied hard and practiced hard.Before he entered jinshi, it was difficult for us to understand his learning process due to the lack of information. However, after he became an official in Beijing, he kept a diary every day, in which he recorded his reading experience in detail, which was full of hardships and sweat.Ancient scholars can be promoted after exceeded otherregions jinshi, reading books is no longer as important as before, the sentiment is only one thing, most is also learning business knowledge related to the work, but zeng guofan don’t think so, he felt had been studying for the exam, now is the real read their favorite books, is studying for his physical and mental life.In order to study well, he stipulated that he should do a few things every day: first, insist on getting up early and never sleep late.Two is to study hard, a book did not finish reading, do not look at other books, through this method forced their own reading.Today, when we went to the bookstore, we were very happy when we bought a book, but after we bought home, many books were flipped through casually, and we could read the whole book carefully. I am afraid that not many of them will affect our full absorption of the book knowledge, we may only understand the most conspicuous, the most eye-catching, the best advertising part of the book.Three is to insist on reading ten pages of “23 history” every day.Four is to practice half an hour every day.Today we see his words are very rich and imposing, and its own, and decades of hard work is inseparable.Five is to write several poems every month.To achieve these five aspects, need to be ambitious, persistent, only in the heart of a lofty ideal and ambition will have the power to do, only a firm will, firm belief in what they do can stick to it.Zeng Guofan has a word “patience” in his struggle.The first is to tolerate loneliness;Second to endure difficulties, encounter learning problems to endure;The third is to be tolerant of problems that you are not interested in.This is very enlightening for us.Sometimes we are really interested in only a few parts of a book, especially professional books and theoretical books, and only after studying them will our interest come into being.Nowadays, many people are reluctant to read difficult books or thick books, which are all manifestations of impatience.There is a bad tendency for books nowadays to be of poor quality, but in order to sell them, they deliberately highlight one or two words, one or two themes, or write some celebrity recommendations in prominent places to stimulate the interest of the readers, but this is misleading.Zeng Guofan also put forth great efforts to educate his children.For example, about practicing Chinese kung fu, he said to his eldest son Ceng Jize: “Line Li Zhuan, these kinds of calligraphy you are interested in, this is not a bad thing, but to insist on practice, not a day break, both to write well, and to write fast.I write slowly, suffer a lot, you write agile, if you can write ten thousand regular script every day, about the same.”Later, in view of the situation of his eldest son, he said that he was fond of many fonts and might not be able to write any in the future, so it would be better to practice two of them.His youngest son, Zeng Jihong, was a little eager for quick success and instant benefit when copying Luangxie Tablet. After practicing for more than ten days, he didn’t make any progress, so he wanted to give up. Zeng Guofan persuaded him based on his own situation, “When I learned Liudi, I copied hundreds of pages, but it didn’t have any effect.Nothing I had written in the capital before the age of forty was commendable, and I often felt ashamed and hated myself.After the age of 48, I practiced Li Beihai’s “Yuelu Temple Monument” with a little effect. However, after eight years of hard practice, I wrote thousands of bundles of paper.Now you practice less than a month, want to have an effect, there is progress, is not too impatient?I have always been diligent and diligent in everything I do, and you will do the same.It is not just practicing calligraphy. There are difficult times in everything. A true man is one who perseveres and gets through the difficulties.”Reading requires method, but not too much dependence on it.Method is the direction, the direction of learning swimming, for example, the Internet will find a lot of ways, even different people will have different swimming lessons and experience, but too dependent on methods, thought to master the methods to learn swimming, that is not necessarily, the key lies in swimming need learners themselves physically, trying to do, to grope.”Paper come zhongjue shallow, realize this to practice”, after all, the method is the experience of others, can only be used to do reference, only their own experience is really belong to their own.Nowadays, some young people are too methodical in their reading and doing things. They lack hard work and always want to take shortcuts. In this way, it is difficult to really understand and do things well.(This article is excerpted from Zeng Guofan’s Family Style) Zeng Guofan’s Family Style Jiang Zhiyong Kong Zhuzhu Xinhua Press, September 2016 ISBN: 978-7-5166-2725-9 Pricing: 30.00 Yuan Statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: