As the Lord resonates with the help of peach, it wants to destroy the enemy

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Hello, I’m spider.One piece of king’s latest information came, speaking of this should be the first drama this year, and the simple information of this drama is mainly two aspects, so we have a look at this first stage.The main content of this word is estimated to be divided into two stages, the first is about the peach of the help, the peach of the help heard a call his voice, the voice of large probability should be like the Lord.It has been mentioned in the previous comics that the world government has seen the appearance of the elephant Lord and reported it to the five old stars, and at the rate of the elephant Lord it is now expected to be very close to the kingdom of Peace.But the odds of an elephant entering the battlefields of the Land of Peace are unlikely given the size of the elephant, which is far too large to leave the sea for land.If the elephant Lord tried to force his way into the Land of Peace, it would probably crush the land of Peace, which is probably why the five Stars have no fear of the elephant Lord going to war.And now the peach of help is in the move to ghost island, because kaiduo and Lufei war for the sake of his flame cloud has been unable to maintain, if the peach of help not to move ghost island that one thousand ghost island fell down caused by the consequences but very serious, so for the peach of help to move ghost island is a thing to do.Intelligence mentioned in the peach help heard the call is only like the Lord will have this ability.No doubt the Elephant Lord has arrived near the kingdom of Peace and wants to find someone to manipulate him.We all know that the Elephant Lord has been punished for wandering the great passage, and only a few specific people can command the elephant Lord.The peach help is the first command since the eight hundred years like the Lord, before the peach help let the Lord attack Jack has proved this, and the Lord must also know that the peach help command he is not malicious, on the contrary is for his good.So as the Lord is also willing to listen to the peach order, and now as the Lord naturally want to let the peach order again.The elephant is out!Taozhizhu in the kingdom and even the new world is a lot of play, before the manga there are a lot of people speculate that the five stars said hundreds of years have not awakened the devil fruit will be taozhizhu eat the devil fruit.Now seems to be from the side again to prove this point, now the peach of the help for the battlefield contribution is absolutely not small, one of the peach of help is now an indispensable force, if there is no peach of help lead to the ghost island directly falling words that cause the consequences are immeasurable.And with the world government’s fleet on its periphery, the world government must have been prepared.The only person who could stand up to this new force was the elephant Lord, and the arrival of the elephant Lord represented a real decisive battle.The war with the country is certainly not a simple battle between pirates and the intervention of the world government, and the elephant Lord is enough to ensure the way back, the elephant Lord’s hand can also represent the arrival of a new stage of the war.That’s all for this episode, and you can leave comments if you have different opinions.I am a small spider, a chat about animation, collection of hand do enthusiasts, like to pay attention to me, we will see you next time!Text: little spider