Deeply understand the internal mechanism of Marxism

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Passed by the party’s sixth plenary of the 19 review in one hundred the central committee of the communist party of China about the party’s major achievement and historical experience for the resolution of explicitly pointed out that “the party’s one hundred struggle shows strong vitality of marxism” is one of the historic struggle of the communist party of China in one hundred, adhere to the theoretical innovation is one of the historical experience of the communist party of China in one hundred, struggle.At the opening ceremony of a seminar for leading officials at the provincial and ministerial levels to study and implement the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, Xi jinping stressed, “In the final analysis, why the COMMUNIST Party of China is able to make progress and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good is due to marxism.The reason why Marxism works lies in the fact that the Party constantly pushes forward the modernization of Marxism in China and guides its practice.”Based on the century-old struggle of the Party, these judgments profoundly illustrate the theoretical quality of Marxism, profoundly reveal the essence of Marxism, and provide important enlightenment for adhering to and developing Marxism in contemporary China in the new era and marxism in the 21st century.History and the people chose Marxism to answer the question of history.The Chinese nation is an ancient and great nation in the world and has made indelible contributions to the progress of human civilization.After the Opium War, the national crisis deepened, and “where China is going” became the historical question in front of the Chinese nation.Old-style peasant war of the taiping heavenly kingdom movement, do not touch the foundation of the feudal self-improvement movements and reformism westernization movement and reform movement, such as the xinhai revolution led by the bourgeois revolutionaries in succession, but ended in failure, the western capitalist or other solutions have also declared bankruptcy, these are unable to find the real way out of China.The October Revolution brought Marxism-Leninism to China, provided China’s advanced elements with a new choice of “using the cosmology of the proletariat as a tool to observe the fate of the country and reconsider their own problems”, and pointed out the way forward for the Chinese people who were struggling to find a way out of national salvation and survival.It fits the “needs of society”.The fine traditional Chinese culture is naturally and intrinsically compatible with many major marxist viewpoints, which provides a profound cultural and psychological foundation for the Chinese people to accept and believe in Marxism.The marxist ideal of communism and socialism is consistent with the Chinese civilization’s values of putting the people first, valuing harmony and seeking greater common ground, with the Chinese dream of a prosperous people and a strong country, and with the aspiration of advanced Chinese elements in modern times to save the nation and seek survival.After marxism was accepted by the Chinese people, it became a scientific theory to understand and transform China, to save the nation from danger and to seek the way out of China, and became the banner of China’s advanced intellectuals against imperialism and feudalism and the weapon of the working class struggle.After “repeated comparison”.Before and after the May 4th Movement, reformism, unionism, pragmatism, anarchism and other thoughts flooded into China.The belief in Marxism became the conscious pursuit of the early Chinese Communists after repeated selection and comparison.After accepting marxism, a batch of advanced intellectuals held high the marxism-leninism flag of faith, firm communist beliefs, founded by progress, establish research organization, translation of classics, writing articles introduces the basic principle of marxism, make marxism is widely spread in the whole of China,It provided ideological and cadre conditions for the establishment of communist party organizations in China.After the founding of the Communist Party of China, countless Communists, whether in good times or bad, have always stood firm in their ideals and beliefs, and lived their lives earnestly for their chosen beliefs and beliefs.Marxism is truth and scientific truth.Is a scientific theory of marxist historical materialism and surplus value theory constitute the two cornerstones of scientific theory of marxism, it reveals the general laws of development of human society, reveals the special law of capitalism running for human pointed out the ways to leap from the realm of inevitable to the free kingdom, indicates the way of realization of freedom and liberation.Marxism also provides people with the most scientific and sharpest world outlook and methodology, as well as positions, viewpoints and methods for understanding and dealing with problems.Distinctive people.Marx believed that “in all the stages of development through which the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie has gone through, the Communists have always represented the interests of the movement as a whole” and that they have no interests different from those of the proletariat as a whole, but instead seek “the interests of the vast majority of the people”.For the first time, Marxism established the ideological system of the people to realize their own liberation, and for the first time stood on the standpoint of the people to explore the road to the liberation of human freedom, which enabled Marxist political parties to get rid of the limitation of all previous political forces pursuing their own special interests.Lofty mission.Marxism is extensive and profound. In the final analysis, it aims to liberate mankind.The lofty mission of Marxism is to finally establish an ideal society in which there is no oppression, no exploitation, everyone is equal and everyone is free.At the same time, Marxism is a unionist who combines lofty ideals with realistic goals, and unifies historical inevitability with development stages. Marxism firmly believes that human society is bound to move toward communism, but the realization of this lofty goal is bound to go through several historical stages.In different historical stages, we have different historical missions and tasks to accomplish.Practice openness.Marx believed that “philosophers only interpret the world in different ways, the problem is to change the world” and that “all social life is practical in nature”.The viewpoint of practice is the basic viewpoint of Marxist epistemology, and practicality is the remarkable feature that distinguishes Marxist theory from other theories.Marxism is not a dogma, it is not immutable, but an evolving and open theory.Therefore, Marxism can always keep its wonderful youth, constantly explore the new topics proposed by the development of The Times, and respond to the new challenges faced by human society.We will continue to apply the basic principles of Marxism to solve China’s practical problems and give Marxism distinct practical features.The CPC adheres to and applies Marxist positions, views, and methods to scientifically understand the profound changes taking place in the world, in China, and in the Party. Centering on what we are doing and what we will do, the CPC has been planning reform, development, and stability, conducting internal affairs, foreign affairs, and national defense, and governing the Party, state, and armed forces.To build, consolidate and develop socialism in a large and economically and culturally backward country in the East is a major test of the scientific truth of Marxism, as well as a historical test of our Party’s ability to creatively apply and develop Marxism.With the advance of reform and opening up and the creation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese nation has witnessed a great leap forward: it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong. This is also a new manifestation of the practical character of Marxism.We should continue to inherit and develop Marxism and give it distinctive features of The Times.Our party to focus on “what is socialism and how to build socialism” “what kind of party construction, how to build the party,” “achieve what kind of development, how to develop” new era “what kind of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics” era subject, such as promoting marxism combined with China’s actual and era characteristics,It created MAO Zedong Thought, formed a system of theories of socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and created Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, making a historic leap forward in adapting Marxism to The Chinese context and making major original contributions to enriching and developing Marxism.With a new vision, we deepened our understanding of the laws governing the Communist Party, building socialism, and developing human society, and marked a new height in the development of Marxism.We should combine the basic tenets of Marxism with the fine traditional Chinese culture and give Marxism distinctive national characteristics.Our Party has scientifically summarized and summarized the extensive, profound and colorful fine traditional Chinese culture, integrated China’s historical experience, national wisdom and national spirit into Marxism, and continuously promoted the integration of Marxism with fine traditional Chinese culture, so that it has Chinese content, Chinese style and Chinese style.It has promoted the creative transformation and development of fine traditional Chinese culture, and realized the ceaseless succession and promotion of Marxism and fine traditional Chinese culture.History shows that the destiny of Marxism has long been closely linked with that of the CPC, the Chinese people, and the Chinese nation.It is entirely correct that history and the people have chosen Marxism, and it is entirely correct that our Party has written Marxism on its banner. It is entirely correct that the basic tenets of Marxism should be integrated with China’s specific conditions and fine traditional Chinese culture, and that Marxism should be adapted to the Chinese context and adapt to The Times.(The author is Gao Ren, deputy dean of the Institute of Marxism at Fudan University, and a researcher at the Fudan Branch Of the Research Center for the Spirit of the Great Party Building of the Communist Party of China.) The Masses, No. 3, 2022